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Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Free Tech Training for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – 24/7/365

I am constantly surprised by what people share online. Sometimes I’m horrified, sometimes shocked and occasionally amazed. My latest OMG! WDITOT? (Oh my gosh! Why didn’t I think of that?) moment came while trying to work out an issue in Microsoft® Word. Word’s built-in help function wasn’t that helpful and forced me to turn to other sources. Googling the issue, I found an instructional video, not on Microsoft’s extremely in-depth website, but on YouTube!

Yes, it turns out that YouTube isn’t just for viewing CLNC® Success Story videos. Today, for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, YouTube is one of the fastest growing places to find short, instructional videos on everything from learning how to use software to changing out the battery in your car key. So, if you’re ever baffled by formatting in Word (like I was) try looking on YouTube.

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P.S. Share your favorite way to find answers to your own software questions.

One thought on “Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Free Tech Training for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – 24/7/365

  1. My favorite way to find out answers to software problems is to ask my sister. She is a whiz! Seriously! The other day I attended a seminar on video marketing only to find out that You Tube is the largest search engine. Basically you can find almost (you can’t become a CLNC® consultant on You Tube) anything you need to know on how to do something. As always, your Tuesday Tech Tips are very helpful and contribute much to becoming a successful CLNC® consultant. Thanks, Tom.

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