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Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Mailed, Faxed or Scanned – What’s the Difference to a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

A fervent, or perhaps feral, reader recently asked me whether contracts with her attorney-clients that have “facsimile signatures” or are “facsimile contracts” are valid. A “facsimile signature” was originally a signature that was stamped or applied by mechanical means other than a handwritten signature. In the good ‘ole days you signed two copies of your contract and then mailed, FedExed or presented those copies to the other side who then signed them both, by hand or by stamp, and returned one fully executed copy to you by mail, FedEx or personal delivery.

Time: A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant’s Most Precious Gift

My mom died from breast cancer at age 48 leaving many of her plans and dreams unrealized and unfulfilled. Five months ago, a dear 84-year-old friend was given four months to live, but she decided she has a lot more living to do. Both my mom and my friend reinforce the understanding that time is more valuable than money and possessions.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants If You’re Gonna Bust Something, Make It Your Plans

Every day I wake up with a plan. By the time I’ve had my second cup of healthy green tea I’ve usually busted that plan. So am I suggesting that I’m beginning to think planning is a waste of time for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants? Absolutely not. Planning is what gives you and your legal nurse consulting business vision, direction and intention.

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