Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Legal Nurse Consultants Should Duck, Duck and Go Now!

Search is a tricky thing and search engines are trickier. The major search engines consider your past searches and cookies whenever you do a search. This means that what you’ll find when doing research for your legal nurse consulting business is influenced by what you’ve found (and clicked on) in the past. For Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, this can limit your results. One search engine that doesn’t do this is called

It’s unique in that each of its searches is “fresh” in that it doesn’t track you, your past searches or other results. In short, my CLNC® amigos, searching on will give you a more expansive view of the web. There’s even a Firefox plug-in to add it to Firefox’s search engine bar. Take a test drive today by doing two different searches – one using and another using your search engine of choice. I’m sure the difference in results will have you quacking with joy.

Keep on techin’,


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