A Problem is Sometimes More Than Just a Problem

When a problem in your legal nurse consulting business rears its ugly head, what do you do? That’s right, you assess the problem, dissect it and get to work solving it. Recently I was doing just that when I uncovered an even more important problem, one that I had no idea even existed. Without that first problem, the second one could have gone undetected, creating huge amounts of damage before any of us knew about it.

In your work as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant you’ll discover problems in the cases you’re analyzing and in your CLNC® business. Don’t be so quick to write off small problems. They often lead you to bigger, more important ones begging to be discovered.

I’m not suggesting that I’ve suddenly become a fan of problems, but maybe I’m learning to respect and appreciate them a little more.

I’m just sayin’

P.S. Comment here and share how one problem helped you solve a more important one.

One thought on “A Problem is Sometimes More Than Just a Problem

  1. Today I had a problem that reared its ugly head. The problem was last week I sent out 6 promotional packets and 5 out of 6 letter heads were addressed to the wrong attorneys! So I attacked the problem head on and called each attorney. The first attorney was kind and we laughed about it and now he is a potential client. He states, “you had the sense to call me to straighten out the letters and I cannot wait to get a big thick case for you.” He went on to say how he appreciated getting the information (but wrong name) and that I have great credentials. The other offices laughed about it too, saying, “If that’s the first time you sent something to the wrong person then you are doing well.” So out of those 6, I have three potential clients who have me on file. I agree Vickie, damage control has to be done ASAP and the results can become a great opportunity for the business.

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