Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Have No Problems, Mon – Just Situations

While in Jamaica during the NACLNC® Conference Cruise, a common refrain was “No problem, Mon.” One of the Jamaicans explained, “Here in Jamaica we don’t have problems; we only have situations.”

I love that attitude and such a simple refrain can lighten your load when you do encounter a problem – whether personal or for your legal nurse consulting business.

I’d much rather have a situation than a problem. How about you?

No problem, Mon.

P.S. Comment here and tell me how you choose to see situations instead of problems.

6 thoughts on “Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Have No Problems, Mon – Just Situations

  1. I have learned to look at problems or situations as opportunities. Opportunities to improve and make a difference…

  2. Vickie, I could not agree more. This lightened my heart and mood. I am choosing not to have problems, only workable situations. I am going to have a friend do a nice print and put over my desk. We have no more problems here. By the way, Jamaica was awesome!

  3. After the Las Vegas seminar your team presented, I am relieved to be home. I am coming home to a huge list of situations, but with a renewed outlook and the sense of hope. I feel renewed and thankful to be a nurse again. The idea of placing the word situation in the problem list helps to construct a plan for my family. I am holding your teachings close to heart, and will work hard to change the world as I know it, one situation at a time. Thank you again, Vickie.

    Kind Regards,
    -R.Nixon, RN
    (Nurse Becca)

  4. After this past week in my life I much prefer the sound of “situation” rather than “problem”!!! I love Jamaica and was going back in the fall but a “situation” arose and destroyed those plans and many others. Gonna dust myself off and head into the situations!!! They are always a learning tool!!!

  5. I tend to stay away from the word “problem” as it has a negative perceived connotation. I prefer to see these as opportunities for challenges, and that is how I discuss these situations as they arise or in preparation for….

    I find that this opens the door to creative thinking, resolution and empowerment.

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