2013 NACLNC® Conference Cruise Update: REALITY CHECK! Back to the Real World!

I’m off the ship and on my way to the first Starbucks® I can find before boarding our flight home from the 2013 NACLNC® Conference Cruise. This morning I had my healthy green tea, but what I really want, or is it need, is a steaming hot cup of coffee with two added shots of espresso.

Whether I find that or not I’ve got one whole day off before I have to be in the office on Monday. I probably need to take a couple more days off to rest up from our great 7-Day Weekend but someone’s got to do some work!

Everyone, coffee or not, is going home tanned, renewed and ready for another year of CLNC® success chock-full of the tips, ideas and secrets shared by the CLNC® Pros during this year’s NACLNC® Conference.

When you start to hear stories and they’re too unbelievable to be true – you’re probably getting the abridged version because they’re all true and like my brother’s True Hollywood Stories they get better and more true the more times they’re told! LOL

Mark your calendar for the 2015 NACLNC® Conference Cruise March 1-8, 2015. Stay tuned to LegalNurse.com for details.

See you there! This year’s will be hard to beat. It was a blast – I loved each and every moment!

Success Is Inside!

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P.P.S. Comment and share your fun stories from this year’s NACLNC® Conference Cruise.

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