There’s a New Sheriff in Town – Get Used to It

I was mentoring a CLNC® consultant who is working with a new managing partner at one of the law firms she consults with. This law firm is her biggest client and she’s always worked well with the prior managing partner. He trusted her and pretty much gave her free reign in just about everything she did, from budgeting for cases to the work product she produced. From her point of view, it was a perfect relationship.

When that managing partner retired, the days of wine and roses abruptly ended. The new managing partner was looking to put his stamp on every part of the law firm and often challenged her and the moves she had been making for several years with the other managing partner. She was close to butting heads with him, knowing that if she did she could lose a valuable client, so she contacted the Institute for mentoring.

She complained to me about how unreasonable the new partner was and her complaints were valid. But I had to cut off the complaints and ask, “What would you prefer, a new managing partner or the task of going out and finding a new law firm to replace this one?”

She heard me loud and clear and acknowledged that it was time to flex her agility muscles and figure out how to develop a successful relationship with this new managing partner. She even astutely acknowledged that he was probably just trying to prove himself in his new position and would be grateful for an ally or two. Now she was using her good old nursing assessment skills, which is exactly what you have to do when there’s a new sheriff in town.

I’m just sayin’

P.S. Comment and share how you handle things when there’s a new sheriff in town.

One thought on “There’s a New Sheriff in Town – Get Used to It

  1. Vickie, these are timely comments as I recently encountered a similar experience with a law office. While trying to come across as professional, I am also attempting to remain calm and pragmatic. It is comforting to realize I am not alone in my challenges as a CLNC® consultant.

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