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Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Time to Eat Your Vegetables (Again)!

A few weeks back I reminded Certified Legal Nurse Consultants reading my blog to get in the habit of changing their computer passwords on a regular basis. I likened it to having someone remind you to eat your vegetables.  A necessary, but not necessarily, pleasurable habit.

Here, on the night before Halloween, I’m going to give my CLNC® amigos an easy way to choke down those veggies so you can enjoy tomorrow night’s haul of candy and some worry-free time on the Internet. Many CLNC® consultants balk at using hardened passwords because they’re just too hard to remember. Even worse, they use the same password for multiple sites. Having just gone through the laborious process of changing just about every password I use here at LegalNurse.com, let me say this, “I feel your pain.”

$0olj_%12! isn’t any easier, or more fun, to remember than 23rT@^8B3 so here’s a simple solution. Instead of trying to create and remember difficult passwords for all your legal nurse consulting-related websites, create yourself a pass-phrase. Something like “My_Mother_Drives_a_Passat!” is much easier to remember, and more fun to type, than one of those hardened passwords. You can even make it site-specific “My_AmaZon_Fun” or build in a dated reminder to change it “Pass_FBandGo_on_10*30”. Just leave out your spouse’s and pet’s names or anything someone might guess from looking at your Facebook page.

Even more fun is to make up word combinations out of mundane things Veggie_Tips or Toms_Broccoli_Prius. Just don’t use logical combinations or names (My_Apple_iPhone) which might be too easy to guess.

Keep on techin’,

P.S. Comment and share your favorite tips for managing your passwords.

One thought on “Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Time to Eat Your Vegetables (Again)!

  1. I create a sentence and capitalize various words. Then I just use the first letter of each word and add a number that may or may not coordinate with what I just said. Substituting symbols that look like those letters adds security.

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