Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Time to Change Your Passwords (Again)

If there are three words all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants long to hear from their significant others (“Steaks are done!”), there are also three words that no CLNC consultant ever wants to hear (“Change your passwords!”). Whether you like it or not, changing your passwords on a regular basis is a must-do for your legal nurse consulting business or personal uses, and I do mean on all the websites where you use a password.

Courtroom, Movie Theater or a Little of Both?

Getting ready for a presentation, I was reviewing a variety of demonstrative evidence prepared by a friend, Rick Kraemer, whose company Executive Presentations creates graphics, animations and more for attorneys. He works with some of the most successful attorneys in the U.S. and they are not afraid to invest big dollars in his work product. Why? Because it’s wickedly effective at trial as evidenced by the amount of repeat business he gets.

Is It Time to Junk Your Old Car?

After 12 years, Tom finally bought a new car. It seemed every time he turned around something was wrong with the old global warmer, necessitating expensive repairs and the inconveniences that go with them. After it became clear that passing inspection would require a wheels-to-roof rebuild, we agreed we could keep putting good money into a bad car or we could buy a new one. He’s much happier now and his new global warmer rides much more comfortably and reliably than his old one.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Are You Seeing the Forest or Just Looking at the Trees?

Monday evening, while Vickie and I were slaving over our hot keyboards with our usual single-minded focus, I suddenly got bumped offline. Just as I’d advise any Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, the first thing I did was close my web browser, then reopen it and try to reconnect. That didn’t work. Next, I glanced over at Vickie and saw, to my absolute horror, that she was still connected to our corporate VPN, happily working away.

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