Where There’s Smoke – Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Can Catch Fire

Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve been in a hospital for any reason other than to visit friends and family, my ICU habits are firmly in place. That makes me the company ICU nurse. In the ICU I learned that you don’t just wait for the patient to crump and then call for the crash cart. By then it’s too late. Instead, you look for the early signs of circling the drain and act on them.

That ICU experience translates well into managing a business. When I smell smoke in my legal nurse consulting business I don’t wait for the blaze. I prefer to head something off when it’s small, even if it’s inconvenient to do so or when we have to take time away from another important project.

Subtle warning signs that something’s wrong, or slightly offbeat, will occur in your legal nurse consulting business. A good attorney-client is suddenly slow to return your calls, your marketing materials aren’t getting the same positive response you’re accustomed to or your favorite subcontractor is having difficulty meeting deadlines. You smell smoke: why not fix it before you’re forced to call in a four-alarm fire?

Smelling smoke is an opportunity to change the game. The other alternative: you may as well call the fire trucks now.

I’m just sayin’,

P.S. Comment and share times when you’ve smelled smoke and acted before it caught fire.

One thought on “Where There’s Smoke – Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Can Catch Fire

  1. I agree. It’s extremely important to act on the first signs of an issue rather than wait for the problems to build. Put out the smoke before it turns into a blazing fire.

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