What Are You Leaving on the Table?

A CLNC® student completed the CLNC® Online Certification Program and attended the CLNC® Certification Seminar to take the CLNC® Certification Exam. She shared with me that she had already gotten her first attorney-client. She talked excitedly about how she quoted $125/hr without hesitation and that the attorney immediately hired her.

I obviously celebrated her success with her, and as a beginner she should be proud of her success. But I also couldn’t help wondering if she left money on the table – even $10/hr more. While we never know whether we did or didn’t, what I do know is I never want 100%, unconditional price acceptance.

Anytime an attorney readily agrees to your fee without push-back or hesitation, you’re probably leaving money on the table.

I’m just sayin’,

P.S. Comment and share times that you’ve left money on the table and what you did about it.

One thought on “What Are You Leaving on the Table?

  1. I without a doubt in my mind, left money on the table with my first attorney-client! I know this to be a fact because he told me so. After completing my first 3 cases for this attorney and getting paid in full for each case, he stated to me “Larry, I just want you to know that you are not charging enough for the quality of your reports and findings.” Well that was all I needed to hear and I raised my fees and never looked back!! That attorney really did me a favor since he told me early on in my CLNC® business that I really was worth more than I had imagined thanks to the training I received from Vickie and the Institute.

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