The Most Dangerous Non-Medical Device Ever

Life is good – and it got even better the day I nearly wrecked my healthy lifestyle. I’m committed to a healthy lifestyle and my legal nurse consulting business practically demands it, but I wouldn’t label myself a health Nazi. Yes, I eat the occasional potato chip, bag of movie popcorn and can even be spotted putting butter on my steak (I love Texas!). But traveling and suffering as much “road food” as I do, I try to eat healthy at home. Steamed veggies, grilled salmon, healthy soups and fiber-filled salads.

That all ended when I became smitten with my new iSi Mini Cream Whipper from Williams-Sonoma, which I was inspired to get by a French chef while in Provence.

I like to ease into my day with two cups of healthy green tea. But when I’m ready to crank it up a notch I enjoy one luxurious cup of freshly ground Italian roast coffee. The smell of freshly brewing coffee soon fills the house and lures me from my office into the kitchen.

There I whip out the Mini Cream Whipper, warn Tom to stand back, and whip away with abandon. It’s funny how what used to be a teaspoon of heavy organic whipping cream turned into my very own Tower of Whipped Cream Terror practically overnight. My coffee had turned into the equivalent of a liquid cupcake. Healthy lifestyle begone!

Until today it was an unparalleled pleasure. It stopped being so enjoyable when my Mini Whipper ran dry and I realized that we’d gone through a pint of cream in just a few days (and to think we were only using it for coffee…). Rather than tempt a prophylactic call from my primary care provider I decided it was time to cut back. I still use my Mini Whipper and it still is the most dangerous device in my kitchen, but now I just apply some self control. Or at least I’ll start with the next cup, tomorrow.

I’m just sayin’,

P.S. Comment here to share your secret or favorite pleasures.

6 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Non-Medical Device Ever

  1. You are hilarious Vickie. I’m so blessed to have become part of such a wonderful “family”. Thanks for being you.

  2. I recently switched from coffee to tea for the same reason! I believe as Nurses we owe it to ourselves individually and collectively to stay healthy. We represent the specialized knowledge of health and wellness. If we cannot exercise a little self discipline, then what does that say about our work ethic?

  3. I love the way you write! Thank you for my first chuckle of the day 🙂 Am looking forward to more blog entries now that I found you via your CLNC® consultant ad. Have a wonderful Monday, Vickie!

  4. We have fallen to the clutches of this device too. It was a gift to me from my children for Mother’s Day a few years back. My husband loves to have a few berries with his “whipped cream”… so much that he had to buy this creamer for our boat! It is nice when you are braving the elements on the deep blue to warm up to some hot chocolate with a bit of whipped cream. But, I now have said “no thanks” to the whipped cream and graciously accept the berries.
    P.S. I’m looking forward to the Consultant 2.0 event in Chicago in September!

  5. My coffee downfall is Bailey’s Caramel Creamer….I know it’s gotta be fattening, but it is so good!!

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