I Do Care If You’re Dying – Just Not Today

I was in the middle of an extremely important project working with a team of vendors. Things were going really well until one of the vendors announced that he wasn’t feeling so good and needed to rest. Maybe because he knows I’m a nurse, he started in with the whole bloody story of what was ailing him. I got the blow-by-blow description of an extremely bloated set of signs and symptoms, all of which added up to Much Ado About Nothing.

I was so focused on the project that I didn’t really have time to get out my stethoscope and start diagnosing, much less be the good nurse. At best I was ready to defibrillate him back to work so we could close out the project and I could get home to a glass of healthy red wine.

Here’s what I know for certain: when you walk into an attorney’s office and you’re not having a great day, that ain’t the attorney’s problem. Save the moaning and groaning for someone who cares. The attorney probably doesn’t at that moment. He cares about how you’re going to help him with that challenging deposition he’s got to take tomorrow.

There is a bright side – if you do die, the attorney will have the legal secretary send flowers so long as your work product got delivered on time. Until that time comes, buck up and keep the moaning and groaning to yourself.

I’m just sayin’,

P.S. Comment and share times you’ve had to buck-up and deliver.

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