Why I Never Complain About Clients – Ever

I’m no saint. In fact, my 2012 resolution was to be less well-behaved and Tom tells me I’m off to a pretty good start so far this year. But one way I don’t misbehave is by complaining about clients.

Not that I never have clients to complain about – I do (you know who you are). The main reason I don’t complain about clients is frankly, I don’t want to get into the complaining mindset. Why harp on the one unreasonably demanding student when I’m in love with the 99 others in the room? After all, the more you complain, the more likely you are to keep complaining. For some people, complaining is so insidious they don’t even know they’re doing it!

Not only is complaining absolutely nonproductive and unhealthy, it rains on everybody else’s parade. We’re not attacking the other person when we complain, we’re not hurting them and they’re probably not even thinking about us at that moment. We’re just attacking ourselves with negative thoughts and raining on our own parade. How stupid is that?

So the next time you find yourself complaining about anything – an attorney-client, a competitor, a vendor or your boss, ask yourself how is that complaining working for you. The short answer: IT’S NOT!!

I’m just saying,

P.S. Comment here if you would like to rant about people who complain their way through the day.

5 thoughts on “Why I Never Complain About Clients – Ever

  1. Dear Vickie,
    This is SO rich! Thank you.
    It is so easy to get hung up on that 1% even with the 99% roaring fans!
    Very timely for me.
    (definitely one of your 99%)

  2. I think people who complain all the time are not really happy; history will point out that they have always been complainers; we happy people have to keep it from getting us down……

  3. Thank you for letting me vent. I agree with your comments. Myself and many colleagues have found the nurses who complain the most are the ones who do the least amount of work, make frequent errors and try to blame others for their mistake. It drains energy.

  4. As a legal nurse consultant you should not entertain the thought of complaining about clients. They are the reason you have a job. Instead of complaining, sit down with the client and assess whether there may be some miscommunication. Also converse with the attorney, law firm, insurance company, etc. that hired you. Everyone needs to be on the same page to ensure that the client receives a fair trial or arbitration. There will be feelings of anguish and being overwhelmed, but we dealt with this almost every day when we worked in a medical facility.

  5. Hi Vickie,

    Thanks for sharing this. It is so easy to get caught up complaining and focusing on the negative when there is so much positive to appreciate.

    I am firm believer that if we don’t appreciate the good we do have, we are unlikely to get more of it. Keep complaining and a funny thing happens, you tend to get more to complain about.

    Great points, Vickie.

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