Use Your Energy to Master Your Cravings – Before Your Cravings Master Your Energy

We celebrate staff birthdays once a month at Vickie Milazzo Institute. We used to gather in the conference room, light the candles on a big cake (23 employees eat a lot of cake and no, it wasn’t stale white cake) and sing a bad version of “Happy Birthday” to those whose birthdays was being feted. Cakes don’t tempt me much, so I easily passed up a slice. When I’m working I keep sugar and processed carbs out of my diet. I find my mind is sharper and my energy stays high. Instead, I eat lots of veggies and protein (which increases focus and awareness). Do I need to mention starting my day with two cups of healthy green tea and ending it with a small amount of healthy red wine?

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Here’s the Keys to Your Keys!

Computers crash and computers burn. Any Certified Legal Nurse Consultant will agree that sometimes you receive plenty of warning and other times you don’t. The last time I had to “replace” a laptop I had more than enough warning – the old laptop started failing but ran somewhat intermittently. Not wanting to buy a new copy of Microsoft® Office, I planned to reinstall Office onto the replacement computer. The problem was that I needed the software key – a multi, multi digit number that helps the boys in Redmond make sure that only legit copies of software are installed. The other problem was that I didn’t have the original hard case with the key sticker, because I had copied the installation disk to one of our servers to aid with software distribution. There wasn’t a key to be found.

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