Keep Track of Your Changes As Well As Yourself

I recently received an email with a Word® document attachment. I found that the track changes function was turned on when I opened the document and that all of the sender’s edits to the document were showing. I was now privy to the sender’s thoughts and revisions, which gave me the negotiation advantage.

Savvy Certified Legal Nurse Consultants know that when sending a Word document in electronic format to an attorney-client, subcontractor or anyone else, to always use the Prepare and then Inspect Document functions in Word to check for any Comments, Revisions, Versions and Annotations (to quote Word) and remove them all BEFORE sending the document.

Better yet, if you’re sending a report or other document, don’t send an electronic Word document at all, instead send a PDF file. That way the recipient can’t easily edit your document, and your words and your work remain the way you intended them.

I’m just sayin…

P.S. Comment and share what steps you take when sending out sensitive documents.

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