New Year, New Opportunity to Buck Up!

2012 is upon us, yet for many over-extended nurses it feels like just another mile marker in an endurance race going nowhere. Depressing, but true. We trudge through the week at a dreary job, drive home fretting about money and spend our evenings robot-walking through the usual haze of homework battles and half-finished chores. Passion and fulfillment? Nope, just sheer survival. And the worst part is, most nurses accept that this is just how it is.

Buck up! You can do a lot more than barely get by – and 2012 can be the year you actually start enjoying your work and life again.

I’m not talking about forgotten New Year’s resolutions. I’m talking about truly changing the way you think about things, breaking old habits and tapping into your determination. I’m talking about taking responsibility for your own happiness. I see this all the time in your tweets, posts and status updates in social media – the desire to have someone or something sweep in and change your life. Don’t you think if someone was going to sweep in and rescue you, it would already have happened?

I’ve earned the right to be a tough talker. I know many of you think it’s been easy for me, but I started a business in 1982 when registered nurses did not own businesses. It is possible to create a life that excites and energizes you. But first you have to make a conscious choice to step out of your old, unfulfilling one (which is exactly what I did when I left my dead-end hospital job in 1982 to start my legal nurse consulting business). The choice to step out of an old, unfulfilling life is a choice you must make over and over again – if you don’t, your old patterns will suck you back in.

There’s no reason why 2012 can’t be your biggest, boldest, most wickedly successful year yet. But for that to happen you have to match your big goals with some real changes. You have to take on a wickedly successful mindset that doesn’t take “no” or “I can’t” or “I’m too tired” for an answer.

2012 is your opportunity to do it right. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to buck up and embrace the challenge.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment here to share how you will embrace the opportunities of 2012.

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Opportunity to Buck Up!

  1. 2012 is the year I take control. I just finished the CLNC® Home-Study Certification Program, I am scheduled for the CLNC® Exam in 2 weeks, and I will be at the 2-Day NACLNC® Apprenticeship in Orlando this April. Watching the pelicans dive head first into the water, I see: the bird who catches the fish has to be willing to get a little wet. Well, I’m going in! Thank you, Vickie, for giving me wings. You are an inspirational catalyst for change. I can’t wait to be one of your CLNC® Success Stories.

  2. Hi Vickie,
    This year I’ve changed my marketing strategy. Instead of sending out packets to everyone I can think would be interesting to have as a client, I’ve decided to focus on the ones I’ve worked with in the past, as well as those I’ve had the privilege of knowing through various organizations. I’ve visited 4 each week so far, brought each a New Year’s (rather than Christmas) present, and will make return phone calls to them, just to let them know I’m still interested in the cases we discussed during those visits! Ah, yes, 2012, will be better than 2011! Thanks to you and your team at the Institute for your encouragement over the years! It’s great to be a member of the NACLNC® Association!

  3. Since I took the CLNC® 6-Day Certification Seminar in Philadelphia, PA in September 2011, I have used almost every day to move towards my goal of starting my CLNC® business. The course left me empowered and excited to think I could actually venture out of my comfortable niche as a respected expert in pacemakers and ICDs working for a private office and into the world of business ownership—to be my own boss. The course covered all the details of what one needs to do to start their own business. You, Vickie, are such a positive role model for nurses, and, yes, for women in general. Thank you for being willing to share the secrets of your success and the story of your journey to your success. I am now at the point of setting up appointments with attorneys to promote myself and my CLNC® services. I do plan to continue working full time for my current employer as I build my client base, then who knows where that will lead.

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