Testify Your Way to New Legal Nurse Consulting Business

I started my legal nurse consulting business with the intention of testifying, but working behind the scenes with attorneys was how I really built my business. Despite that fact, I was always open to testifying and did so occasionally. And that’s exactly what you should do when your attorney-client asks you to testify. That’s right, go ahead, say yes!

Testifying is free advertising and an instant credibility-builder with attorneys. When you’re up against the opposing attorney remember: that attorney is not the enemy, he’s just another potential prospect. If you do a great job, that attorney will never want to go up against you again. The result? He will be sure to hire you first on his next case.

Next time an attorney asks you to testify in a case don’t reject it outright, go for it all the way! Remember who you are, a registered nurse with valuable knowledge and years of nursing experience. And if you start to panic, remember that 95% of the cases will settle before trial anyway so your likelihood of reaching court is exceedingly low (really).

When you “just say no” to testifying, you’re not only missing a huge opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency, but missing out on the opportunity to gain new attorney-clients for life!

Success Is Inside!

P.S. What are your biggest fears about testifying? Comment here to share.

3 thoughts on “Testify Your Way to New Legal Nurse Consulting Business

  1. This is how I got my first case. I was willing to testify. Many cases that have come to be the breach in standard has been in basic nursing, not in the specialty part of it. It is the part of nursing that is core to our basic education. My biggest fear is that I will be asked something I do not know.

  2. I just finished assembling a preparation guide on deposition and testifying for a subcontractor of mine who is scared to death for her first testifying experience taking place next week. I encourage all my fellow Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to be open to testifying. It really is an excellent opportunity each time I testify to work with new people, educate yourself more on the legal process, strengthen your already great listening and communication skills, market yourself like Vickie mentioned, and it can actually be entertaining and fun!

    Being the expert to see the case through is very rewarding especially when you settle as a result of your invaluable testimony. Do not be afraid of testifying. As Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and RNs, we are experts in the medical knowledge and possess the skills to confidently and professionally handle the deposition and trial process. It is no more difficult (if not sometimes easier) than service recovery, angry physicians, hostile parents and families, non-complaint patients, lazy spouses, and playing referee to the kids! Trust me Certified Legal Nurse Consultants you can do it! Good luck!

  3. Interesting food for thought. Thanks to those who spoke up so far. I’m still in coursework to become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

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