Do You Tweet Happiness as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

A recent analysis of the stream of Twitter “tweets” reveals that people are happy in the morning, less happy throughout the day while they’re at work and then happier again after work when back at home. That’s a pretty revealing study which suggests that most people are compartmentalizing their life into a work life and a personal life. But the reality is, we don’t have two-compartment lives. We only have one life. Most of us spend more time at work than with our families. You can’t turn happiness off at work and go home and turn it on and expect to have a passionate, purpose-filled life.

I’m not naive. None of us can expect to feel happy all day, every day. In fact if someone claims they are, I’d bet that they’re either medicated or need to be. Likewise, we can’t put our happiness on hold 12 hours a day when at work and then crank it up when we get home.

I faced the ramifications of such a life on my mind, body and soul 29 years ago when I woke up to a dead-end job at the hospital. Plus, I was going to have to work overtime for the rest of my life just to pay the mortgage on my 1,100 square-foot condo. And I was way too mouthy and opinionated for a hospital institution.

I seized my dissatisfaction and started my own business as a legal nurse consultant. Owning my dissatisfaction and, most importantly, doing something about it changed my entire life.

Is it time to check in and assess if you’re one of those Twitter statistics? If so, what do you plan do about it?

Success Is Inside!

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2 thoughts on “Do You Tweet Happiness as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

  1. Basically, I did what you did….I assessed why I went into nursing to begin with and, like you was (and still am) too mouthy and opinionated for most “standard” nursing habitats – and leapt into your VIP CLNC® Business System in Philadelphia. I took a week to drive all the back roads home to Connecticut and hit the floor running when I got back. (I quit my job before I left). I did agency nursing for several years while I grew my business, so I could control my time, and am happily conducting a solo practice here (still in CT) for small (one-two, maybe three partner) firms who keep me as busy as I want to be. I’ll be 70 this winter and haven’t got the genes for “retirement” (good thing in this economy, right?) so my practice suits me fine. I added teaching to my list – at a Community College – and am the lead instructor in a State Certified Nurse Assistant Program as a contractor which gives me the opportunity to teach the students what they really need to know about patient care – the staying-out-out-of-court system I call it. And in my “spare” time I am training to be an equine and canine massage therapist which struck me as being another “job” that will make me as happy every day as the two I enjoy now. I identify with that Maxine (I think) cartoon of an irreverent, ‘elder’ lady skidding into her dotage on a snowboard (or being pulled on one by my Malamutes!) yelling “YAHOO!” all the way. And, honestly, Vickie – had I not attended one of your first marketing seminars (in Hartford, CT) and recognized the truth you were telling and seen the proverbial light at the end of my nursing tunnel – that it was NOT an oncoming train as I had begun to fear! I would have left the profession years ago. So am I happy? You bet…and 99% of the time. Time which is my own, to work or not, to play or not, and to do and be, in nursing, what I intended to 38 years ago. Do I have ‘bad days’? Yep, but all things considered have not had a truly bad day since I escaped from the hospital/nursing/machine and leaped into my real life as a woman – a professional registered nurse, a Mom, a ‘Nana”, a friend, a neighbor, all that “stuff”. Life is truly good! I feel blessed and whisper prayers of gratitude every day. My daughter says I finally stopped waiting for the second shoe to drop.

  2. My happiness stems from a true and undiluted belief that this life is too wonderful and precious NOT to be held onto and appreciated for just that (wonderful and precious). And work is an extension of that life, not a necessary evil either! This feeling may come from the fact I, @ one time was unable to work, dealing with a disability, relying on others, having nothing to look forward to every day, all the things you ‘think’ you ‘hate’ about working…well…I missed like CRAZY!

    Legal Nurse Consulting was my ticket back to the work force, to holding my head up, to looking forward to something new and exciting every day! I cannot remember when/where I first came across Vickie Milazzo the first time, but I wish I did! It was one of the “Ah!” moments for me, and I will always, always thank Fate for directing me in that direction! My life has started a new! I smile every morning, noon, and night! Thank you, Vickie!

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