Cross-Train Your Way to More Certified Legal Nurse Consulting Success

Today’s professional athletes cross-train to reach their next level of success. For example, a professional football player doesn’t just do football drills – he lifts weights and might even practice yoga or ballet, all with the intention of performing better on the football field.

Cross-training can create synergistic benefits, and this just might be a strategy for taking your CLNC® business to its next level. Choose a category, preferably one you are weak in or typically avoid altogether, and ask yourself how your CLNC® business could benefit from expanding that category. It might be technology (if you find yourself struggling to do more than read your email), public speaking (if you’d rather be in the coffin than give the eulogy) or self-development (if you find yourself constantly obsessing over everything that is wrong with your life).

Now spend the next three months cross-training in that category and watch your CLNC® business soar!

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share where you need to cross-train and when you’ll start.

2 thoughts on “Cross-Train Your Way to More Certified Legal Nurse Consulting Success

  1. I did a cooking segment for a national TV show recently. Being in front of the camera all day, amazing. Will post it on my website once the show has aired and provide the link. Take a chance, you have have nothing to lose 🙂

  2. After soooo many years at the bedside, I finally “retired,” only to seek out a new job at a local college and accept a position as a clinical instructor for one course and an online instructor for another.

    Life is always full of challenges, and Vickie instills in us the desire and confidence to pursue them. Since nurses are perpetual students, I’ve been preparing for these roles all along, but may kick up my cross-training to the next level.

    Success is ours.

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