Shoot Holes in Your Legal Nurse Consulting Decisions Before Someone Else Beats You to the Trigger

It’s important to avoid a bulletproof mentality in the decisions you make for your legal nurse consulting business as well as in the cases you’re working on for your attorney-clients. I like to shoot holes in my own decisions. This doesn’t mean I don’t move forward with the decision, but it does mean I’ll be more prepared if things go south. Then, when things don’t go perfectly or as planned, we’re not a perfect target for perfect failure and destruction.

At the Institute, before we implement a business idea or decision, I’ll sometimes ask my executive team to brainstorm and discuss the upside and the downside. This forces even the most fervent supporter or opponent of an idea to challenge their own viewpoint. Sometimes it’s the person who introduced the idea who withdraws it. And sometimes it’s the opponent of an idea who ends up fervently embracing it. More often than not, we usually execute an improved version of the original idea.

Any business idea worth pursuing is worth shooting holes into it first. Smart Certified Legal Nurse Consultants know it’s better to shoot those holes themselves than to let someone else beat them to the trigger.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share your own decision-making processes.

One thought on “Shoot Holes in Your Legal Nurse Consulting Decisions Before Someone Else Beats You to the Trigger

  1. Thanks Vickie. This article is a real aha moment for me. I have been a member of my husband’s business team for new ventures for 25 years which utilizes your process with great results. I am now wondering why I haven’t done it in my own 7 year old business!
    I will start now!

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