Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Julie Somen-Becker Shares How She Builds Successful Attorney-Client Relationships

One of the most important strategies I use to build successful attorney-client relationships is to remain available and accessible to my clients. Even when things are extremely hectic and busy, I never let my attorney-clients sense that I am too busy for them. I always reach out promptly with at least a short response or suggest a time to talk when they request something. Mobile devices make it easy for me to respond promptly.

Shoot Holes in Your Legal Nurse Consulting Decisions Before Someone Else Beats You to the Trigger

It’s important to avoid a bulletproof mentality in the decisions you make for your legal nurse consulting business as well as in the cases you’re working on for your attorney-clients. I like to shoot holes in my own decisions. This doesn’t mean I don’t move forward with the decision, but it does mean I’ll be more prepared if things go south. Then, when things don’t go perfectly, or as planned, we’re not a perfect target for perfect failure and destruction.

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