Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – How Much Is Enough?

When it comes to email addresses, you should only have as many as you can manage, but three addresses should be more than enough. Why three? Simple – to triage your communications.

Your first email address is the most important – it’s the one you include on your CLNC® business cards and letterhead. This is the email address you’ll use to communicate with your attorney-clients, prospects and Certified Legal Nurse Consultant subcontractors. This is for professional communication only and is the email address you’ll check every 2-3 hours.

Your second email address is your public-facing email address. This is an address you can use for queries from your legal nurse consulting website and advertising (such as the brochures you pass out at legal conferences). If you have to register at a help forum or app store for your smartphone, this is the email address you’ll use. This address will naturally get a lot of spam from the businesses where you register and from people who scrape email addresses from the Internet. You probably won’t need to check this one more than once a day.

Your third email address is your personal one for friends and family. I’d even recommend you create this address through a different system, such as Gmail or Live.com, than your primary addresses. Keeping it separate ensures there’s no chance of sending your vacation photos to your entire professional contact list. How frequently you check this email address is up to you.

Finally, there are what Tom calls throw-down email addresses. These are temporary webmail addresses you create and then abandon when you don’t want them anymore. You can use a throw-down email address to register at websites or with vendors that require an email address before you can get information about a service or product, such as software for your legal nurse consulting business. Once you obtain the information and decide not to purchase the product or service or if the address starts to collect too much spam, you can abandon it and never use it again. If you choose to purchase the product, then go back and do so with your public-facing address so that you’ll receive updates on support, upgrades, etc.

I can’t remember how we ever lived without email, but I can remember living without too much of it. If you’re a smartphone user, most smartphones can be set up to check any number of email accounts. Owning three email addresses will help you triage important communications and avoid the time-sucking, distracting ones.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share the most email addresses you’ve ever had at one time and how you’ve used them.

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