Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Discusses How Endurance with One Attorney Paid Big

I was referred to an attorney by a medical testifying expert I know. Because of that referral, I got right through to the attorney and thought “this is going to be easy.” I couldn’t have been more wrong. After briefly discussing my CLNC® services, he responded “I have been doing this for 35 years myself.” I acknowledged his expertise as the attorney and then proceeded to explain how I could save him time and money by screening his cases first before he sent them to expensive MD experts. He didn’t bite.

Not one to give up, I next offered to send him a sample of my work product. He agreed. A week later, I called him to follow up. He was very complimentary of my work product but still didn’t hire me for a case.

I decided to focus on something specific to get his attention, so I mentioned that I frequently attend independent medical exams (IME) for attorneys. I shared that attorneys appreciate my ability to point out inadequacies in the exam. Finally, I got his attention.

Three days later, the attorney contacted me and requested that I attend an IME. I did so, and he was impressed by my evaluation and the things I pointed out that the MD did not do during the IME. He had considered settling the case, but after hearing what I had to say he decided the case was stronger than he originally thought. That single IME led to a case and then another.

I consult on many cases for him and attend all of the IMEs. It took awhile, but he finally saw me for the professional I am and how he benefits from my CLNC® services. I felt like I had run a marathon, but it was worth it in the end.

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Nikki J. Chuml, RNC, FMC, PRN, CLNC is an independent Certified Legal Nurse Consultant in California with more than 25 years of nursing experience. She works as a consulting expert in a variety of specialties and as an OB testifying expert nationwide. Nikki is a CLNC® Mentor and a guest faculty member for Vickie Milazzo Institute.
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