What If?

We all know the person whose life would be totally different and of course much better if only “Y” had happened instead of “X.” The mantra never changes. “If Y had happened, then I could have done X” or “If only W had done Z, then my life would be different” or “If Q was different, I’d be different” and, my personal favorite, “If only Y had happened, I’d be happy or successful or married,” or whatever.

What successful people, especially successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, do is live in the world of “what next”, not in the world of “what if”. If an attorney-prospect says “I’m interested, let’s stay in touch”, the CLNC® consultant knows what’s next and does just that. The CLNC® consultant doesn’t go into the space of “If the attorney had just given me the case today, I’d be on my way to quitting my job at the hospital.”

The first attorney-prospect I connected with asked me to call him two weeks later because he was preparing for trial. I waited two weeks and called, but he never returned my call. I called again; he still didn’t return my call. I called a fourth time and on that day he took the call. The rest is my legal nurse consulting history. It wasn’t easy during those waiting periods, but I stayed out of the “what if” space and just continued to move in the “what’s next” space. I didn’t allow “If he didn’t have that trial then…” or “If he’d just returned my phone call then…”; if I had, I predict I never would have made the fourth call and I wouldn’t be where I am today.

The only “what ifs” in your life and your legal nurse consulting business should be the “what if” questions you ask yourself about what you should be doing at this very moment.

  • What if I make five sales calls right now?
  • What if I practice my interview questions before I meet with that attorney-prospect?
  • What if I call that attorney-client back right now?
  • What if I turn off that TV and turn on my commitment to taking action on my legal nurse consulting business?

Now it’s my turn to ask you a “what if” question. What if you did all these things you know you’re supposed to do? Answer: Hmmm.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share your own “what if” stories and the actions you took to turn them from “what if” into “what’s next.”

One thought on “What If?

  1. Vickie,
    You are SO positive and SO good after a long day working up cases! I love to get your Blog notes and always read them and share.

    I have been practicing full time as Certified Legal Nurse Consultant since I took your class, some 10 years ago. I quit my full time job and started marketing and have never looked back.

    Thanks for all the GREAT tips and always having us keep our head up and one foot ahead of the other!

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