Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Legal Nurse Consultants Get Colds – Droids Get Viruses

CLNC® consultants know how colds are spread, and thanks to my Tuesday Tech Tips, know that there are more germs on your smart phone than on a toilet seat. But did you know that no matter how clean you keep your legal nurse consulting smartphone, it can still spread viruses? I’m really talking about malware. One of the newest areas of computer insecurity is the smartphone because the miscreants who write malware and Trojan horses are now targeting the growing smartphone market. Phones running on the Android® platform are more susceptible than iPhones®. If you think of the amount of data related to your CLNC® business and your personal life that’s stored on your phone, not to mention passwords for your Facebook and other apps, you should be very afraid of having that data compromised. If you’re using your phone for mobile banking or other micropayments, you definitely need to read this entire Tech Tip.

Take Your iPad to Court

I have to admit, unlike Tom, there are not too many devices that give me “gadget envy.” One that does is the iPad2®. I’m sure there’s an iPad in my future – if for no other reason than to allow me to read magazines and books while listening to music or to watch my own choice of movies on long international flights. Other than the obvious email, web-surfing and entertainment uses, I’ve been trying to find professional uses, so I surveyed attorneys and Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to ask how they use their iPads. I also spoke with a friend who has a company that creates demonstrative evidence for law firms to see how he’s using his iPad.

Be Happy Wherever You Are

When I’m at home, I love being home. There’s nothing better than sleeping in my own bed and enjoying a cup of healthy green tea with my bamboo clicking away outside.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: More Lost Phone Options for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Last month I gave you some low-tech tips for finding a lost cell phone. Today I’ll fill you in on some high-tech ways to find a phone that’s gone walkabout. Interestingly, they all have similar names, beginning with “Where’s my….” which is a tip-off to what they do. Remember the biggest danger of losing a phone is having some miscreant gain access to all your email, contacts, calendar, racy photos, Facebook, etc.

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