Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – Can You See Me Now?

Video conference facilities have long been used to allow witnesses to offer testimony in different types of court cases; however, use of this technology can be costly. We’re now seeing the first instances of witnesses testifying in court via Skype®. In a Georgia criminal case, a defense witness was allowed to testify via Skype over objections from the prosecution, and in a Pennsylvania child custody case, the deported parents of two small children were allowed to testify from Mexico via Skype.

I’m sure we’ll continue to see more courtroom use of low-cost technologies such as Skype in the future. But courtrooms aside, are you using Skype in your Certified Legal Nurse Consulting business? We use Skype here at LegalNurse.com to connect with subcontractors and CLNC® Mentors, hold meetings and cut down on long distance conference call costs.

It’s time you added Skype to your legal nurse consulting business. It’s simple to use. Once you download the Skype program, install your webcam/microphone, establish a broadband Internet connection and you’re ready to go. You can conference with attorneys on a case, discuss a case with your CLNC® subcontractors and stay in touch with the Certified Legal Nurse Consultants in your alliance just to name a few.

Smart Certified Legal Nurse Consultants know to incorporate new technology into their legal nurse consulting businesses. It’s time to count yourself in!

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P.S. Comment and share how you use Skype or other video in your CLNC® practice.

One thought on “Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – Can You See Me Now?

  1. I regularly use Skype as well as WebEx in my business. The majority of my clients are located in other states and internationally. I used to connect with my clients on the phone which works fine, but being able to see each other adds an entirely different dimension to our conversations. WebEx, a free program for the participants in a conference call, allows the people you are speaking with to view your presentation (I use Power Point and Microsoft Word). I can go over reports with my clients, answering questions or explaining things in more detail. Skype is free and WebEx costs $19.00/month for unlimited access. You can use Skype on some smart phones, depending upon your wireless carrier (AT&T does not support Skype at this time).

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