Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Annmarie Johnson Discusses Her “Breakout” Experience

The business relationship with the attorney who gave me my “breakout” case has developed in a way that I did not envision because it has resulted in my consulting almost exclusively for this one attorney-client. I know if I do a great job and maintain a successful relationship with this attorney, other attorneys in his law firm will also hire me.

One of the first things I did to strengthen my relationship with the attorney was to establish a relationship with his paralegal and assistant. It’s through them that I know when new cases come in, and I contact my attorney-client to ask not if I will jump in, but when. I also get information on discovery deadlines and then contact my attorney-client to offer help with locating the medical experts and initiating requests for their reports. I often personally pick up and drop off medical records to get my foot in the door. As a result, I have met many of the other employees in this large firm – down to Eddie in the mailroom!

I have made it a point to learn some personal information about the attorney, and use it in casual conversations. For example, I know his son participates in sports so when I came across a pair of tickets to an NFL game, I gifted those tickets to him. Periodically I visit the firm’s website for updates on cases that other attorneys have either settled or are actively working on. When I pick up or drop off records, I can engage these attorneys in conversation regarding their cases and offer my CLNC® services.

I have permission from my attorney-client to touch base with his plaintiff clients and call them monthly to get updates on medical issues, new care providers, etc.  As a result, the attorney stays up-to-date on his clients and the medical records are always current. He loves this because it impresses his clients too!

While reading a local magazine article about a man who offered woodworking classes, I recognized one of the highlighted students as an attorney at my attorney-client’s law firm. The next time I was at the firm, I asked a paralegal where the attorney’s office was located and stalked the area until he finally came out. We exchanged hellos, at which point I began a conversation regarding the article. He invited me into his office to see other woodcrafts he had completed while attending these classes. I officially introduced myself by name and left his office with a case!

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Annmarie Johnson, RN, BSN, CLNC owns and operates Bucks Medical-Legal Consulting. She has been a nurse for 26 years, 24 specializing in critical care. Annmarie’s CLNC® business specializes in construction accidents and products liability.

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