How Would Your Attorney-Clients Grade Your Work-Product on First Impression Alone?

Remember when you were in grammar school and had to write reports? Remember how the students with the best handwriting always got better grades? When I clicked to that fact I concentrated on making my handwriting as neat as possible, hoping to score a bonus point or two. And except for my grades in conduct, I did a great job of accomplishing that goal.

First impressions are indeed lasting in all aspects of life and that fact is especially true for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and their attorney-clients. My first subcontractors were my typist’s children. She had eight kids and I used seven of them in my business through the years. They became excellent assistants, pulling the results of my research from the shelves of the medical library. I personally taught each and every one of them the art of making flawless, straight copies of those research studies. Their work contributed to the first impressions I was making with my attorney-clients.

My typist and I were both equally attentive to the appearance of the reports. By the time the attorney sat down to absorb them he was ready. Nothing (no typos, bad formatting or messiness) was getting in the way of his receiving, accepting and trusting my opinion. Our attention to impression also contributed to those attorneys becoming long-lasting clients.

Today I critique a lot of work product from legal nurse consultants and sometimes my best advice is “Go back and create a new first impression, because if you don’t, you won’t get a second chance with that attorney.” Your legal nurse consulting business, like life, isn’t a video game. You won’t get a mulligan, do-over or a reset button on an attorney-client.

You rarely get a second chance, so make your first impression count for real the first time.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share your legal nurse consulting experiences in making the best first impression.

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