2011 NACLNC® Conference Cruise Update – Day 6: It’s Time for Some Fun Learning!

Today is the big day, although they’ve all been pretty big so far with all the fun things to do. This is our first official classroom day. Now that everyone has turned a nice shade of tan (or bright red) we’ll move the fun into the air conditioning and crank up the PowerPoint®.

First, I’ve got my opening speech in the Arcadia Theatre, followed by our great sessions from the first group of CLNC® Pros in the Freedom’s Conference Center. We’ve got two tracks of great topics this year and this is only Day 1! I’ve worked all year long with the speakers and I guarantee you are going to love them.

This evening it’s back to the Arcadia Theatre for CLNC® Night followed by our networking dinner. I hope everyone gets energized by the day’s classes because tonight’s our final Formal Night &#8212 we’ll all be dressed for CLNC® success! Dancing, casino and who knows what afterwards?

More tomorrow!

P.S. I look forward to seeing everyone in their finest!

P.P.S. Comment on whether you’d rather be lucky in love or lucky in the casino!

One thought on “2011 NACLNC® Conference Cruise Update – Day 6: It’s Time for Some Fun Learning!

  1. I just love you Vickie in the sense of sisterhoodness in the trade of nursing second to being so humanoid and having a dry wit and humor about you! I grew up with a lot of that having had 3 sisters and a dad who always was trying to be silly and funny.

    As much as I love being lucky at a casino, love in a relationship of friendship/intimate or not, married or not- love in God, and self have to be up there in priority for me right now.

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