Korean Women Can Now Learn What Strengths are Inside Every Woman!

Today is such an exciting day! I received four copies of the Korean translation of my book Inside Every Woman: Using the 10 Strengths You Didn’t Know You Had to Get the Career and Life You Want Now. The cover is so different from any of the other translations of the book and seeing a new cover is one of the most fun things about the foreign translations.

This means that over 24,000,000 women (not just legal nurse consultants) in South Korea alone can access the power of Inside Every Woman. The South and North share a common language and an unheard-of literacy rate in excess of 96%. If my book makes it across the 38th Parallel, 11,000,000 North Korean women could read it and maybe shake things up some!

Here’s the new Korean cover along with the Chinese, Polish (first and second editions), Vietnamese, Indonesian and American covers. Comment and tell me which is your favorite.

ChinesePolish, First EditionPolish, Second Edition
ChinesePolish, 1st EditionPolish, 2nd Edition

Success Is Inside!

11 thoughts on “Korean Women Can Now Learn What Strengths are Inside Every Woman!

  1. Like the book covers displayed. Really like the Korean one but would have to say I am partial to the one from Indonesia. Keep up the great work. And thank you, Vickie, for the opportunity to expand my nursing practice.

  2. I like the Vietnamese Cover. It’s a very classy looking edition that really could be ANY woman.

  3. Congratulations Vicki! I have to agree with the others that the Vietnamese cover is the most compelling. Keep inspiring!

  4. Great job at getting your message outside the U.S.! My wish would be to see the ‘woman repressed’ cultures allow it in the school libraries….just one young woman with courage & inspiration may allow some freedom should they desire choices & how to message this in alliance with their home community. I like them all, am ‘partial’ to the Indonesian & Vietnamese…enthusiastic & subtle in that order. They all speak well in their cover, will be read & make a difference. I applaud you Vickie!

  5. Vickie, bravo. You are such a role model for all women regardless of their career in life. I personally like the new Korean cover as the profile of a woman is very universal and is more appealing since race, clothes, etc, does not distract you from the pure feminine energy. Pat

  6. Congratulations, Vickie! You deserve all the success you’ve earned! You continue to inspire and encourage, and we are so grateful to you as our role model. My mother would be jealous! 🙂

  7. Each cover is unique in its own right. I particularly find the Korean cover to be very “cerebral” in appearance, mirroring the content of the book. Awesome as usual Vickie.

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