Are You Happy to Be a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant or Just Happy?

I love the comforts of my home and my cozy neighborhood. Being home is like experiencing a steaming cup of green tea – it just feels right. I also love traveling to new places and have hiked and biked all over the world.

And then there’s the business travel I do for nine or 10 weeks a year. The hotels I stay in don’t come close to the comforts of home nor do they rival the remote and adventurous places I’ve been. Wherever I go though, I have to deal with one of the most deteriorating, surviving industries in the U.S. – the airline industry. But this blog is not a rant about airlines. I’ve done that one already.

Today’s blog is about happiness. I’m not one to advocate “Barbie-Dolling” it (don’t you just hate that?), but one thing I’ve learned is that the happier I am, the happier I am. Happiness is not only contagious to others, it’s contagious to ourselves. My grandmother had multiple sclerosis, yet she was one of the happiest people I’ve known. She taught me that happiness is not a condition – happiness is a choice.

I don’t always wake up happy, but wherever I am, I try to focus on the part of the experience that is good. For example, I might not like the bed in my hotel room but I am passionate about teaching and mentoring nurses in person. The CLNC® Certification Seminars and my speaking engagements require the occasional uncomfortable bed.

Gratitude is an antidote to unhappiness. Life will always throw us curveballs, fastballs and, just when you think you know what’s coming next, the occasional change-up. Being happy to the core helps us to hit them back – no matter how fast they are or how many come our way.

Attorneys are like you and me. They enjoy being around happy people. I recently mentored a legal nurse consulting student who refused to move out of the drama of a negative experience. For two weeks she dwelled on something that was easily solved in three minutes. My advice to her was: “Move on and choose happiness. You’ll be happier and your attorney-clients will be happier.”

That is what I wish for you too – whatever challenge you face today, choose happiness first. You’ll find it’s contagious and suddenly you’ll knock that fastball out of the park!

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share how choosing happiness can create an important shift for you.

5 thoughts on “Are You Happy to Be a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant or Just Happy?

  1. Vickie, this is my philosophy in my daily living!!….then my “happy~place” just sets the tone in all aspects in my life!!…my mindset aura is most contagious…the glow of happiness is always reflected in the atmosphere in the room!!…that is why I give my success, to the reflection in my “attitude” toward a positive, and I always “Believe” I can do anything….If I have a belief attitude, others will also….in what I can achieve and accomplish….the rewards are endless…..and abundant!!!!!!!…..smileys!!!!!!…..:):):):)

  2. I agree with you Vickie, Happiness is a choice. Every morning when I wake up I meditate on the abundance in my life and I say thank you. I think about all of the good things in my life and the challenges that cross my path and I say thank you for new opportunities to create new paths. I am grateful for the abundant life that I have choosing happiness as a way of life. My legal nurse consulting career has provided me with so much satisfaction and freedom enhancing the abundance that is my life.

  3. Hello Vickie-
    I am a student for life just checking in to say thank you for this blog about happiness. Well said! I call my happiness as day to day elements of Joy.
    I can’t wait to get back to work in nursing being a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant!
    I love what I am learning! Yipee! See you one of these days. Have a home run day!

  4. When you look around the world ~ we are ALL so blessed. Yes, I am very happy being an LNC! I love the independence and all the new learning experiences I have everyday!
    I am really “happy” when I think of the NACLNC® Conference cruise in a month !! See you there ~ I’ll be the one in the hammock.

  5. Another great article, Vickie. Thank you! I love what you say above: “Happiness is a choice.” I agree with all my heart. I spoke to a group of about 50 people yesterday and told the group that great things happen when we make a decision to make them happen. Action, of course, must follow. Happiness is created in our own minds: it’s our choice, our decision. Thanks for your great advice to all of us, Vickie.

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