Is Money or Purpose Driving Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business?

I was speaking with a woman who wanted to start her own business. While Jean and I were talking I realized I couldn’t determine what was driving her, so being the direct person I am, I went straight for the jugular and asked her, “Why do you want to start a business?” She was equally blunt in her answer telling me, “I want money to buy nice things, a nice car, nice clothes and a nice house.” I believe in payoff, but this type of drive for starting one’s own business is, in my opinion, hardly a mission statement.

Contrast this with another young woman, Lauren, who I have mentored to start her own business. Her business model is actually more difficult, requiring investors, a large front-end capital outlay and a commercial lease, but I predict she is more likely to succeed. Why? Because, unlike the first woman who was money-driven, the second woman is driven not just by the passion of wanting to own her business, but also by the passion of the business itself. In other words, she fervently believes in what she is creating. Now that’s a formula for success.

In my 28 years of business, mentoring thousands of nurses to become successful legal nurse consultants, there’s only one common thread among the most successful ones. Successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are all different ages, different sizes, different nursing specialties and live in different parts of the country. They come from towns of less than 5,000 and from major metropolitan cities. So what do they have in common? Each and every one of them are passionate about the work they do and the money they earn is the byproduct of their passion.

Without the inner fire that only passion arouses, success, and I mean long term, authentic success, will elude you. Here’s the reality – money won’t get you out of bed in the morning. Of course, once you’re up it’s nice to have money, but money can never be the long-term driver for your CLNC® business. Passion and purpose for the work need to be the fuel of your desire and your actions. You succeed at a business not because you want the monetary rewards, but because you need to succeed for your very soul.

Here’s an interesting fact, studies have shown that money does make people happier – but only up to a certain point. Once your basic needs, and a little bit more are met, your happiness is really up to you. Despite what you’ve seen on television, a Mercedes, a boat or a closet filled with Armani won’t make or keep you happy (Okay, maybe my own private jet would make me happier.). What will make you happy is having experiences full of passion and purpose. In fact, studies show that experiences produce longer lasting “highs” than does the act of buying stuff. By experiences, I’m not just talking about vacations and birthday parties, experiences also include the work you do.

That’s why I don’t believe in TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday). I believe in TGIT (Thank God It’s Today).

If you’re already a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, recommit to your purpose and your passion and watch your CLNC® business soar. If you’re exploring legal nurse consulting, we are here to help you decide if legal nurse consulting can be your passion and purpose. But, if your only real goal is the same purposeless ones as the unfortunate woman I described above – nice things, a nice car, nice clothes and a nice house, do me and my CLNC® peers a favor and join a network marketing program instead. Here’s to Lauren and all the passion, purpose and success she will enjoy during her lifetime. Here’s to all of us living a life and career filled with passion and purpose.

Live and work your passion and you’ll never “work” a day in your life.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. You can always “Show me the money!” later.

P.P.S. Comment and share what drives you to be a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant or what drives you to grow your CLNC® business.

3 thoughts on “Is Money or Purpose Driving Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business?

  1. Great article Vickie! I got in to the field of legal nurse consulting by accident. In 2004 a friend asked me to speak to a group of attorneys about how hospitals are organized. That very day I began getting case referrals and the flow of approximately 150 cases a year that hasn’t stopped. I took the CLNC® 6-Day Certification Seminar in 2005 and have always been grateful to commit to life- long learning! It is a joy to get up every morning at the time of my choosing and opine on such interesting medical malpractice cases. THANK YOU.

  2. Love your point! I’m a mission-driven person. Having been a nurse for >24 yrs., I’m not enjoying where the medical world is moving right now. I could cite too many examples that I’m sure you were driven by as well. I have had a keen interest in becoming a CLNC® consultant for over a yr. & just recently made the call to your Institute. Thank you for sharing what a lot of people need to realize & supporting Manslows’ hierarchy of needs. Our lives do require ‘meaning’ & working with passion for what we believe to be ‘the right thing’ , I believe, supports our existence in the heart of our soul. Very hopefully will see you in Orlando & that won’t be soon enough……Carol

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