Invoice and Time Management Tools for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

One of the first tools any CLNC® consultant needs is an accurate way to keep track of billable hours and create invoices for attorney-clients.

In the history of billing practices, the paper system was replaced by computers that are supplemented by personal data assistants (PDAs) and PC-based electronic solutions. Most electronic solutions had to be installed directly on the users’ PCs. The different computer-based solutions include Timeslips, Peachtree Complete and QuickBooks Pro, all of which survive today. Timeslips is a proven product and the most expensive of the three. Quickbooks is the least expensive, easiest to use and can handle most of your legal nurse consulting business’s accounting and banking needs as well as your billing and invoicing.

Now, new software is being created that is entirely web-based. For example, MakeSomeTime is totally web-based and allows free access once you register. It gives you the ability to log in, track your time and then create invoices from those logs. Because it’s free, it’s the most economical solution for new Certified Legal Nurse Consultants looking to minimize office start-up expenses. You can pay to upgrade for additional services but I suggest you try it free first.

In short, whatever billing application you choose, whether a free web-based application or a more robust PC-based service, make sure it works for you and your legal nurse consulting business. Also make sure you select one that can grow as your CLNC® business grows.

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P.S. Comment and share your favorite time and billing software for tracking and invoicing your CLNC® billable hours.

One thought on “Invoice and Time Management Tools for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

  1. The iTunes app “Your Time Your Money” is an iPhone/iTouch/iPad application and an interactive way to keep track of time and its corresponding cost. Check it out! It’s brilliant! Your Time Your Money is available on iTunes for just $.99

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