What If the Greatest Salesperson in the World Is a Troll?

To paraphrase Seth Godin, there’s only one thing you have to do to be “remarkable” and that’s actually, “to be remarkable.” He has also suggested that a critic, referred to as a troll, can interfere with your remarkability. My concept of a troll is just the opposite – a troll is a pretender selling nothing more than pretense.

I believe to be remarkable, you must deliver remarkable service. You can’t just be a salesperson, promising and promising what you won’t or cannot deliver. That turns you from genuinely remarkable into a remarkable troll.

I recently ran into just such a sales-troll. He personally came to Vickie Milazzo Institute, did a wonderful presentation, charmed our staff, promised the moon and, when it came time to deliver, sent work product that was unsatisfactory, full of errors and which didn’t reflect agreed upon delivery metrics. When he was challenged on the failure to deliver, his troll-like act was to crawl back under his bridge or wherever it is that trolls live.

I’m sure that you’ve run into this troll-type. The person who called you every day to make the sale, but after the sale is suddenly unavailable, out of the office, on a mission trip to Lower Handstandastan, lost his cell phone, has the swine flu or is at the funeral of yet another “close” relative (how many grandparents can you really lose?). Eventually, you get a call back, accompanied with more promises and then, later on, more broken promises and disappointment.

I encourage CLNC® consultants to offer risk-free guarantees as a standard part of their legal nurse consulting business. After all, the first mission of any company is to serve its customers to their satisfaction. Sure, some customers will be harder to satisfy than others and certainly there are one or two who may never be satisfied. How you and your CLNC® business handle those customers is what makes you “remarkable,” not your success in ignoring those customers. Sometimes they even push you to another, better level.

For me business is personal and the team at Vickie Milazzo Institute knows that I take the satisfaction of all of our prospects, CLNC® students and Certified Legal Nurse Consultants personally.

Remember when you were a kid, everyone got a trophy for playing, even if their team came in last. Well we’re not kids anymore – we’re adults in an adult world where if we want to feel good, we have to do something to genuinely feel good about.

Service is what you do for the customers and sometimes in spite of the customers. “Can’t please everyone” isn’t an aphorism, it’s a cop-out. Sam Walton once said, “The customer isn’t always right, but he’s still the customer.” Here at Vickie Milazzo Institute we’re dedicated to providing customer service, delivering what we promise and standing behind our guarantee. Beware of sale-trolls in all their shapes and forms and whatever you do – don’t settle for less than you deserve. That only feeds the trolls and encourages more troll-like behavior.

As for the troll mentioned in this blog, we somehow managed to end our relationship professionally and amicably. I wished him future success, knowing full well he is destined for failure. How do I know?  Because now I am being serviced by someone who is genuinely remarkable. In today’s post bubble economy the world can no longer afford a pretender. I for one will be glad to be rid of the trolls.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share your sale-troll misadventures. I’d love to hear them.

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