Ditch Unnecessary Complexities in Your CLNC® Business

Every year we adopt a new business theme at Vickie Milazzo Institute. Some previous examples are “Let It Go” and “Move Like a Maverick.” All year long we have a lot of fun with the theme, but more important, we use the theme to challenge how we think and how we do business. The staff especially enjoys reminding me of the theme to persuade me of their position on issues. I think “Let it Go” was my staff’s all-time favorite and quickly became the catch-phrase any time something was a little bit off or I found a mistake or error. I was definitely ready to let that theme go!

This year’s theme is “Ditch Unnecessary Complexities.” Complexity in and of itself is not negative. In fact, because what we do at the Institute is complex, copycats cannot replicate the quality of what we offer to Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and CLNC® students.

As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant when you write a report and analysis for a medical-malpractice case, you expect your report to have a level of complexity that cannot be replicated by a nurse who has not been trained as a CLNC® consultant.

But in both your business and mine, this is a good year to eliminate unnecessary complexities that creep into our CLNC® businesses and are accepted without question or thought.

At a recent Vickie Milazzo Institute staff brainstorm, I asked the staff to help identify unnecessary complexities with the focus on being more efficient, cutting costs and eliminating a process or procedure that is no longer needed. Together they identified 48 of them for 2010. Of course we triaged the most important ones to tackle first, but many required very little effort.

You can do this for your CLNC® business by raising your consciousness and asking yourself the following questions:

  1. “Am I doing something that I no longer need to be doing?”
  2. “Why exactly are we doing it this way? Is it simply because that’s the way we’ve always done it?”
  3. “Am I doing something that gives me little or no payoff?”
  4. “Can I simplify this process?”
  5. “Does technology exist to automate or simplify this process?”
  6. “Is there not just an easier way, but a better and faster way to accomplish this goal?”

In 2010, let’s commit to focus on the core purpose of our CLNC® businesses – i.e. servicing our clients and producing the best quality product by freeing ourselves from unnecessary complexities. The time we save can be used to improve other processes or, just to improve our lives outside of our legal nurse consulting businesses. Once you’ve completed this process for your CLNC® business, consider trying it in your home – just don’t let your family in on “let it go!”

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share one complexity you can ditch in your CLNC® business.

One thought on “Ditch Unnecessary Complexities in Your CLNC® Business

  1. This is a great strategy to focus on, getting rid of unnecessary complexities. I embraced this concept last year when I re-evaluated my marketing plan and made some major revisions which have paid off. By doing this I can really focus on the marketing pillars that I want to maintain and develop while letting go of strategies that no longer serve me well. One strategy that I let go was to visit attorneys’ offices to deliver marketing packets. It served me well at first because I was so green and needed to get out there and beat the streets and see what attorneys’ offices were like and meet the staff and hopefully attorneys. I was able to practice being and feeling like a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Going from scrubs to a business suit changed the outside of me but I also needed the inside to transform. I replaced this strategy with other marketing pillars that get me in front of attorneys more successfully. Thanks Vickie and staff for sharing this strategy.

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