Ethical Legal Nurse Consultants Last the Longest

If you’ve ever doubted doing what’s right not what’s easy, doubt no more.

A recent article in BusinessWeek reported that ethical companies and companies that have a higher purpose than just making money are the ones that are strongest and last the longest. As business owners we set the tone for the entire company. We should expect integrity not only of ourselves, but also from everyone who touches our CLNC® business in any way – employees, legal nurse consulting subcontractors, expert witnesses, attorneys and vendors.

If someone acts less than ethical it’s best to disassociate. Over my 27 years in business I’ve had a remarkable success rate, but I have had to discontinue a few professional relationships with people who failed to act with integrity. Sometimes it’s hard to disassociate because it means losing a highly skilled professional, or a valued resource, but let’s face it – people judge us by who we hang with.

In your legal nurse consulting business you will encounter situations where ethical questions arise. When you do, you’ll have to look to your inner voice and decide which side of the fence you’ll sit on. You can’t sit on top of the ethical fence, it’s either one side or the other.

There are any number of ways for doing business and any number of ways for making money. Some are quick and easy and some are hard. In my experience the ethical way is not the easiest, but does give you the highest payoff in terms of personal satisfaction and authentic success. Integrity is a success formula that brings your attorney-clients and their referrals coming back to you year after year.

One of the reasons I offer my risk-free guarantee for the CLNC® Certification Program is because I believe so strongly in it. My integrity values require that we stand behind our products and programs and our CLNC® consultants stand behind us in return. Our relationship with our CLNC® students grows stronger after the sale because every Vickie Milazzo Institute staffer also embraces these values.

BusinessWeek reported that companies “whose moral compass points to true north” are less likely to fail than are those without a good ethical base.

On what foundation is your legal nurse consulting practice built? Which way does your moral compass point? I hope we’ll be able to spot polar bears together on our way north!

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share how you put integrity first in your CLNC® business.

One thought on “Ethical Legal Nurse Consultants Last the Longest

  1. Your encouragement to work with integrity when I took your 6-Day CLNC® Certification Seminar in June resounded with me loud and clear. I live in a state which all-too-frequently rounds up civic leaders and business people who have run crooked and have done a lot of harm to others in the process. I’m saddened when I hear friends and acquaintances say, ‘Well, everybody’s doing it” when I question a particular behavior or “bending of the rules.” We REALLY need integrity in ALL walks of life. My personal integrity comes from the Bible (but don’t get the idea that I’m perfect – far from it! I’m a work in progress until the day I die). Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” Thanks, Vickie, for encouraging integrity in our CLNC® businesses!

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