Disney Entrepreneurship for Legal Nurse Consultants

Karen, Vickie, Reese & Jill at Disney

Vickie and A Fan
Karen, Vickie, Reese & Jill at Disney Vickie and a Fan

My sister and I took my first nephew, Joshua, to Disney 25 years ago. At that time my legal nurse consulting business was only 2 years old. I had a blast seeing Mickey and Minnie through a child’s eyes, but I also noticed that just looking around this innovative enterprise, I was experiencing a crash course in entrepreneurship.

Everywhere I looked I discovered lessons and ideas for my own legal nurse consulting business. And this was a lot more fun than boring business class with a boring instructor who probably had never owned a real business. Thanks to my nephews, I’ve been to Disney more times than I can count.

I just returned from a trip with Josh’s daughter, my great niece Reese, her mom Jill and my sister Karen.

25 years ago I started with the kiddie rides, advanced to the wild ones as the nephews got older and here I am again starting all over with “It’s a Small World.” I can’t wait for Reese to be tall enough for Space Mountain.

The Disney entrepreneurship lessons live on 25 years later and are as valid today for your CLNC® business as they were for mine when I pioneered the legal nurse consulting profession in 1982.

The Disney Experience

We pay big bucks to Disney to stand in line, long lines, for long periods of time that would challenge even a nurse’s bladder. And we smile while we are doing it. Some are really smiling even after paying extra to jump the line.

The Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Experience

Give your attorney-clients a reason to stand in line and pay big bucks for you and your CLNC® services. Sure they could get a mediocre report “yesterday” from an untrained or mediocre consultant, but the smart attorneys aren’t searching for the legal nurse consultant who has a lot of free time on her hands. They seek successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who are in demand.

At Disney the more successful a ride, the more successful that ride becomes. Success breeds more success and attorneys (like people) only stand in line and pay big bucks to legal nurse consultants who they perceive to be already successful.

If you are successful and deliver superb work product and 5-star customer service, your attorney-clients will be willing to pay bigger bucks to be at the front of your CLNC® business line.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share your opinion on Disney entrepreneurship for your CLNC® business.

One thought on “Disney Entrepreneurship for Legal Nurse Consultants

  1. I implemented the principles of permission marketing into my existing marketing plan earlier this year. Shortly after, I found out that a personal injury attorney had a home office near me. We both live in the same rural area and he is very successful. The strategy – if he uses me and is pleased with my work, then he will refer me to other attorneys. My basic marketing plan up to this point has been like the kiddie rides at Disney Land that Vickie mentions. Although challenging at first and the source of my initial clients, it was time to move on to bigger and scarier rides.

    I sent this attorney a personalized professional packet that included sample work products from past cases. He then asked me for a resume and references. Along with this, I also decided to include with it (to go that extra mile) a CLE packet with course materials and DVD on merit review. I didn’t hear from him for a couple of weeks and after waiting in line, so to speak, it was time to get on this scary ride.

    I called him and asked specific questions and found out that he was working on a dermatology case. I zeroed in and asked how the case was progressing. I could tell that he didn’t trust me and I wanted to find out why. I then asked him to come over for dinner and we could talk about it in a better atmosphere; he accepted the invitation. Okay, it was too late; I couldn’t un-invite him. What would Vickie think about this? Had I crossed a line?

    I wanted the meal to be perfect. I asked if he had any dietary preferences and he stated he is vegetarian. We own and operate a cattle ranch. I thought I had looked over this roller-coaster carefully by putting all the steps in my marketing plan, but there were no vegetarian recipes in it.

    The meal was a success and I think that the attorney was impressed that I could cook something besides beef. After dinner, my husband and the attorney and I went for a drive in the back country. We met up with a herd of elk running parallel with our SUV. The attorney was ecstatic so my husband went faster to keep up with the herd. The back country roads were rough and I was in the backseat flopping around wondering why I had come along. The elk in the front of the herd took a sudden turn right in front of our SUV. My husband hit the brakes as the attorney hollered with excitement. He and my husband were thrilled by the adrenalin rush and the magnificent spectacle of bull and cow elk with their calves jumping over the embankment to cross in front of us to disappear into the pinions. I would have been happier to have seen it on TV.

    I did find out why the attorney did not trust me. He had used a legal nurse consultant in the past and was not satisfied. She had not come through to meet the needs of the case, more specifically what he had asked her to do. Oh boy, how do I overcome that? From then on, I talked with the attorney about certain aspects of the case. He slowly started sending pieces of the case by email and I would respond. I also did other little things for him (I didn’t do anything that my husband did not approve first Vickie) to show that I was interested him. The attorney loves things from the earth so I sent him some raspberry jam from my raspberry patch and another time some flowers from my garden.

    Then one evening, he sent me everything he had on the case. I thought it was a mistake. I contacted him immediately and he stated, “No, this is no mistake. I want you to be informed of everything that I do concerning this case.” I was in! Everything from that point was billed. I told him I would read the records carefully and make recommendations. I was ecstatic and thrilled with my own adrenalin rush as he took the recommendations seriously and trusted me.

    This roller-coaster ride ended yesterday. After a previous attempt to settle the case without a CLNC® consultant, the case settled for what the attorney was asking. My heart is still pounding and my hair is messed up, but I am ready to get on that roller-coaster again.

    I tell every nurse that is interested in legal nurse consulting that Vickie’s program is the best. Why? Without the intense marketing component combined with the mentor services that I have utilized heavily, I would not have gained this attorney client.

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