Are You Marketing Up the Wrong Legal Nurse Consulting Tree?

Sometimes we get so caught up in marketing to prospective clients that we forget one of the most lucrative marketing sources – our existing clients. Focusing your marketing efforts on your existing and prior clients will often yield a much higher return on your efforts than prospecting for new clients.

It takes time and effort to create a business relationship with a stranger. Creating and mailing your marketing packets, making phone calls, scheduling and attending interviews and doing the follow-up can swallow precious time you could be devoting to working on cases.

New Certified Legal Nurse Consultants will have to market to new attorneys, but even experienced legal nurse consultants sometimes forget to go back to those existing clients to ask for new business. We’re in a relationship business and I like to think of relationships with attorney-clients as long term. Once you’ve invested the marketing time and money to create a relationship, it is nothing short of criminal to abandon it.

If you’re serious about your CLNC® business, it’s time to sit down and mark out an action plan for creating new business from old attorney-clients. They already know you so you can easily glide past the gatekeeper. Assuming you provided the excellent work product attorneys expect from CLNC® consultants, the attorney should be happy to take your call.

Set a time to get together with the attorney. If the attorney is too busy for lunch, try a morning meeting and bring coffee and bagels. When you meet, remember your positioning strategies and your interview techniques. Focus the meeting on the attorney-client. Ask what kind of cases they’ve been working, what’s coming up and what their needs are.

Remind them you have a wide range of CLNC® skills and offer to help in any way you can. Mention the fact that you belong to an association of more than 6,000 Certified Legal Nurse Consultants whom you can call on to quickly answer any question they may have. Be flexible and think on your feet. Every attorney has different needs and you might be surprised at the niches you have yet to fill (and may not have even thought of).

If the attorney is too busy to meet with you, send a handwritten note and attach an article they may find interesting, something on standards of care, changes in hospital policies (not your own) or let them know about non-reimbursement for “never events.”

Remind yourself that you already know this attorney so you’re not asking a favor, you’re not trying to establish a new relationship – you’re just retying the connection and seeing how you can help. Time spent remarketing will be rewarding for the attorney-client as well as for you.

Off to climb the right CLNC® tree!

Success is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share what you will do to market your CLNC® business to existing attorney-clients.

One thought on “Are You Marketing Up the Wrong Legal Nurse Consulting Tree?

  1. Developing a true relationship with my attorney-clients has become the most satisfying part of my business. Vickie, all of your advice has been right on target. The handwritten thank you notes after the first interview really set me apart (especially with the client who thought he didn’t need me!). My holiday baskets/treats are becoming quite the tradition. I am focusing on St Patrick’s Day, 4th of July and the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays.

    As my clients become more like friends I constantly replay what I learned at the Private NACLNC® Apprenticeship – “We always dress professionally, no matter what the attorneys are wearing.” I would add – We always behave professionally – no matter how laid back the attorneys are!

    Thank you again Vickie for showing me how joyful my career can be!

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