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My father is very active politically in our county and surrounding counties. He is well respected and loved. He is going to set up a meeting for me with two prominent judges so I can introduce them to my CLNC® services. These judges know every attorney in my county. Is it okay to use the judges’ names when speaking with the attorney contacts they provide me?

Debbie, RN, CLNC

Hi Debbie,

Congratulations on being well connected. I always say if you want to build your legal nurse consulting business fast, “ride the horse” of the people you know. Two judges sound like the beginning of a stable of terrific horses. Yes, you will want to use the judges’ names when you are speaking to the attorneys they refer you to. This will give you instant credibility for you and your CLNC® business and easily get you through the “barn door.”

Be sure to get permission from the judges to use their names when contacting the attorneys. Later, remember to add each attorney you work with to your stable of names – every attorney knows other attorneys, so ride those horses too. Send written thank-you letters to both judges for their time. And take your dad to lunch!

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P.S. Comment and share how you “ride the horse” to build your CLNC® business.

One thought on “Ask Vickie: Ride the Horse

  1. The first “horse” I rode brought me my first three clients! My father has a tire and automotive repair business in the next town and has a few attorney (and judge) customers. They often leave their cars for service while they are in the court house across the street. (lucky location!) He gave a number of attorneys my card and I sent each a brochure and letter introducing myself as his daughter. I followed up with calls and bingo! I was busy. When interviewing with them, I also made a point of mentioning the name of a neurosurgeon I had worked for in the past and who had previous contact with those attorneys on various medical cases.
    One of those attorneys wrote a wonderful letter of recommendation for me, which I use in my marketing packets. Attorneys always mention that when I do my follow-up calls so I know they are more likely to call me based on that letter.

    I worked with Attorney X frequently last year and, even though I was paid promptly, I just didn’t have the feeling that I was really valuable to him, and didn’t hear from him for months. Nevertheless, I sent occasional FYI articles and a holiday gift basket to him and to his legal assistant. A few weeks ago, I received two calls from his office and his partner’s asking me to work on a case and attend an IME. But the big surprise was a phone call from an out of town attorney who said that I was highly recommended by Attorney X! I am now working on my fourth case from the new attorney. Never give up on a client or an opportunity!

    Thanks Vickie!!!!

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