NACLNC® 2009 – Slumdog Entrepreneurship

I’ve got an assignment for anyone who plans to attend the 2009 NACLNC® Conference in San Antonio, March 12-13, 2009.

Between now and March 12th, you must go and see the movie Slumdog Millionaire. That movie won 5 Critics Choice awards, 4 Golden Globes® and garnered 10 Oscar® nominations.

Why am I assigning you a movie? This film is full of lessons for beginning, and seasoned, entrepreneurs. It’s a fictional story of the life of an orphan, Jamal Malik, growing up in Mumbai, India, who miraculously appears on the Indian version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”

Here’s the deal. I was reluctant to see the film. The last Danny Boyle film I remember seeing was Trainspotting and I walked out. So, Tom and I went into this one dragging our heels and figuring we’d at least enjoy a big bag of popcorn, if not the movie.

The film didn’t start off too promising, but as soon as the first flashback of young Jamal playing cricket started I was hooked! I don’t rave about movies. Ever. But in this case, I’m raving and I’m challenging every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant planning on attending our NACLNC® Conference in March to see this movie before you come to San Antonio.

I challenge you to identify all the maverick entrepreneurial techniques Jamal and his brother employ during the film. I will warn you, this movie is a rollercoaster of sights and thoughts that may upset you. If you haven’t been to the third world, this is as close as you need to get. If you have been, you’ll laugh through your tears. In the end though, you’ll be rewarded.

Go see it – take your significant other(s). Hold hands, eat popcorn and enjoy the ride.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. If you identify any entrepreneurial techniques you can apply to your legal nurse consulting business, post them here and we can all discuss them.

P.P.S. Stay for the closing credits – it’s classic Bollywood!

10 thoughts on “NACLNC® 2009 – Slumdog Entrepreneurship

  1. I too went to this movie only because my husband was dying to see it. The opening was slow and I thought this is the going to be the worst movie ever. After about 10 minutes though I was thoroughly engrossed. Jamal’s brother was the brains behind everything. He had an answer for everything and everyone! He sold everything he could get his hands on in order to make money and this was done mostly at his brothers expense. The funniest one was the outhouse…but I won’t give it away for the ones that have not seen the movie.

    Anyway, as the credits rolled at the end, people were all leaving and all of a sudden stopped dead in their tracks when the dancing started. I personally thought it was great…everything Jamal learned was not through school but through hard work in order to survive. I think this is what we all have to do in this time of economic crisis.

    What do you guys think?

  2. I also enjoyed the movie and yes the brother’s scheming, bartering and trading made it evident they were quite the ambitious entrepreneurs. Hmmm, something to think about.

    Like Amy, I loved the dancing at the end.

    I read in Time the movie almost went straight to DVD and look at it now with all the Oscar nominations!

  3. Leave it to Vickie to see the entrepreneurial spirit of this film. I didn’t think about it like that until she mentioned it. I did however think that although Jamal’s brother schemed and scammed his way to what he thought was success that in the end he did what was he thought was right by his brother and their friend. How tough Jamal was under pressure and how focused he was on his “prize.”

    Thanks for the insight!

  4. I recently passed my CLNC® Certification Exam after completing the CLNC® Home-Study Certification Program on DVD. I just received my certification!!!

    After reading this, I can’t wait to see this movie! Vickie, you have the unique ability to put a personal and positive spin on everything you touch. I wish I could attend the NACLNC® Conference to hear the discussion.

    I shall drag my husband to see this and will definitely enjoy a big bag of popcorn. I really look forward to my first case.


  5. It’s the morning after the Academy Awards® and the movie Slumdog Millionaire took home an unprecedented 8 Oscars® including Best Picture, Best Director and two Best Song awards. I watched until the very end, it’s one of my favorite TV shows (Hugh Jackman doesn’t hurt either – sorry Tom). It was so much fun seeing the cast and crew of Slumdog celebrating like a big family. The young children that came over from India and walked that Hollywood red carpet will have bragging rights for life!

    If you haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire yet, there’s still plenty of time to see if before the 2009 NACLNC® Conference in San Antonio on March 12-13. That’s my assignment to you.

    Take an evening off in the name of entrepreneurial research and check out the maverick techniques used by Jamal and his brother to succeed (and survive) in the film. You’ll see what the buzz is about and maybe have a bag of popcorn too!

    See you in San Antonio!

  6. Lessons to be applied to my consulting business…be true to yourself, it’s not experience until you apply it; answers come from many sources; creativity is in the eye of the beholder; just because it is obvious to you, doesn’t mean it is obvious to everyone else and always focus on the ‘prize’/goal. FRESH kettlecorn is a great reward!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone in San Antonio!

  7. Saw the movie yesterday w/ daughter. Didn’t really come together for me until walking back to the car. Every question put to Jamal while on the hot seat, (the attorney’s office) was answered through an experience of his. Hum, that’s where we get our expertise from. When he didn’t know the answer, Jamal used his lifeline. (That’s an interesting request, I’d like to get back w/ you on that one.) Point being, those boulders he encountered, some may say stones (that’s okay great minds do differ), didn’t slow him nor stop him. Great were his rewards at the end! Wow, WHAT A MAVERICK!!!

    P.S. Lets build our empire w/ stones! CLNC®-Millionaire (out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh)

  8. Thanks for recommending the movie. It was very touching. I loved Jamal’s never give up on what you love attitude. I look forward to hearing everyone’s comments on the movie in at the San Antonio conference.

  9. What a wonderful movie! Thanks to Vickie for recommending it! I realized around the 3rd question on “Millionaire” that Jamal’s experiences, be that what they were, are the reasons for his success, as nursing is for me; my experiences will lead me as I work my business. His power and confidence to answer the questions comes from the power within himself. Inside Every Women, shares some of the same abilities we have within ourselves. He was able to use the fire inside and intuitive vision within (opening avenues when things seemed there worse for him and his brother), while enduring with integrity to earn his reward. His lifelines, in my opinion, are as follows: “ask the audience” symbolizes the network of CLNC® consultants we have available to us, “50/50” allowed him to take away some things he wasn’t sure of and focus on the two most probable answers (sort of like taking the CLNC® Certification Exam) and his “one phone call” is symbolic of our ability to receive free CLNC® Mentoring, however never given the answer, but leading you to believe in yourself and you will succeed. Be the best you can be and you will be a SUCCESSFUL CLNC® consultant! Looking so forward to seeing ya’ll in San Antonio!

  10. Well Vickie, this email header frightened the daylights out of me! WHEW! I was so relieved to learn this is a movie. My husband has assured me that the movie is as good as you say and he’s taking me for my birthday.

    So, I can’t wait to go and come back to tell you what I’ve learned. Now, while I’m watching, I will be remembering my business and how I felt when the header on my notification email said “Slumdog Entrepreneurship.” I took respite in seeing your face, post and learning that I need to lighten up! Get out a little! Because that’s what CLNC® consultants do best!

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