Check This Out...I'm a Cartoon!

Check This Out…I’m a Cartoon!

We posted the 2009 NACLNC® Conference opening video on YouTube…and it’s a RIOT!

My designers turned me into an animated cartoon character getting ready for, and going to the NACLNC® Conference.

Now, I have traveled all over the world, trained thousands of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, wrote a bestselling book and even met some celebrities along the way…but I never thought I’d see a little “Cartoon Vickie” being streamed across the world on the Internet.

Just thought I’d share with you since everyone at our office got such a kick out of it.

Let me know what you think!

P.S. That cartoon put me in such a good mood, I’ll take $200.00 off the $800.00 2009 NACLNC® Conference tuition. Just give my office a call at 713.942.2200 and tell us you saw the “Cartoon Vickie” to get the $200.00 discount. I’ll keep this offer active until January 12, 2009.

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2 thoughts on “Check This Out…I’m a Cartoon!

  1. Wow! Your own cartoon! Just love it! I look forward to an awesome 2009 NACLNC Conference, including all the usual characters!

  2. I have not been feeling well. I have had a set back with my compression fracture, and feeling a little down. Your cartoon was uplifting and entertaining–great job!! Hope to see you at the 2009 Conference!

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