Bailout? Schmailout!

You’ve heard the news: bailouts for this industry, bailouts for that industry, bailouts for everyone except for the honest business woman or man. It seems like you have to be a pretty big crook or a terrible money manager to get a bailout from the government.

This morning, over some healthy green tea, my staff and I discussed what a government bailout might look like for the average entrepreneur:

  • A pair of rose-colored glasses to help you to see the financial news in a better light.
  • A lottery ticket to give you something for your retirement fund that has better odds than the stock market.
  • A used TSA quart-size baggie containing leftover government office supplies (that you and I paid for anyway) such as bent paperclips, broken black binder clamps, stump-ends of staples and an empty bottle of white glue to help keep your business together.
  • A roll of duct tape in case the above fails (BTW – here in Texas my friends call it “hunnert-mile-an-hour tape” and you can too – when your business gets rolling again).
  • An open, and partially consumed, bottle of Jack Daniels (probably from the Treasury Secretary’s liquor cabinet) to help take your mind off your financial problems.
  • A bottle of extra-strength Tylenol® to help cure the effects of your late-nite discourse with “Gentleman Jack.”
  • A bag of generic coffee to give you something to wash down the Tylenol® that morning and give you the energy to go to work and focus on your business (and not the economy).
  • And finally, a Travel Doodle Pro to help you stay in communication with your office after your Blackberry® account is cancelled.

All of this would arrive postage due, in a damaged box, courtesy of the folks who brought you the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the Big Three bailout.

I’m hoping that it doesn’t come to this, but in a world that’s seeing its first big nursing layoffs, I’m glad I work in what my friend, Dale Barnes, (Check back for an upcoming interview with Dale) calls a recession-proof profession, legal nurse consulting. One thing’s for sure – the stock market may run short of money, but America will never run short of attorneys!

If the government is going to let the auto industry suffer and die, it won’t help entrepreneurs either. Don’t wait for the government to bail you out. Only you can bail yourself out.

Success Is Inside!

2 thoughts on “Bailout? Schmailout!

  1. Dear Vickie,

    You are absolutely correct. The stock market may run short of money and America will never run out of attorneys. Couple that with the fact that Medical Malpractice is running RAMPANT in health care facilities across America and you come up with a very strong Legal Nurse Consulting Industry in todays downward focused economy. This is a great time to expand a CLNC Business and that is exactly what I am doing at this very moment!

    Thanks Vickie for changing my life 8 years ago.

  2. In today’s economic climate we all are mindful of the world’s financial situation. To this end, seeing major companies and banks accept monetary relief from the Government is unheard of. However, as registered nurses seeking to be successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, we are not as fortunate as the aforementioned banks or companies. Therefore, now is the time to take stock and invest in ourselves. This investment is more substantial than any bailout package.

    Further, charting a new course for our nursing career allows the flexibility to work from home. This alternate path promotes self reliance and independence. For example, paraphrasing a CLNC® peer who states that she will probably make a million dollars because she wants to, but if she does not make the million dollars, just the liberation she feels from working autonomously is worth it.

    Many times, difficult situations are actually opportunities for growth. By investing in our future, we are laying a foundation for a better future. The best investment we can make is in ourselves.

    We need not look to the Government or to others to decide our future for us. We need to take the time to invest a small amount now in order to secure a bountiful future. People who do not plan are planning to fail. Preparing for the future now means we will never need a bailout.

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