Sample Questions

Sample Exam Questions for Review

The following five test questions are provided as samples of the format of the examination questions and do not reflect the scope or difficulty level of the exam. The rigorous review to which actual examination questions are subject was not applied to these samples. Review these items for format only, not for content.

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Sample Questions:

  1. Joyce Miller files a lawsuit against her physician for damages and injuries resulting from a silicone breast implant. She will most likely pursue her cause of action under a theory of:
      1. Assault.
      2. Express warranty.
      3. Negligence.
      4. Strict liability.

    Answer: c.

  2. As a CLNC® consultant you will be more helpful to the attorney if you:
      1. Offer an opinion you think the attorney needs to hear.
      2. Sit on the fence and don’t take a stand.
      3. Take a stand, even if you’re not always right.
      4. Take a stand only when you’re 100% certain that you’re right.

    Answer: c.

  3. A request for certain documents or tangible items is a(n):
      1. Affidavit.
      2. Interrogatory.
      3. Request for admission.
      4. Request for production.

    Answer: d.

  4. Which of the following situations would MOST likely merit a thorough investigation, review and analysis of the medical records?
      1. A patient who recovered from a misdiagnosed myocardial infarction.
      2. A patient who was noncompliant and failed to timely seek treatment.
      3. A patient with blood transfusion-associated hepatitis.
      4. An unstable patient who was turned away from the ED due to lack of insurance.

    Answer: d.

  5. A hospital employee gives a patient the wrong dose of medication. The hospital is vicariously liable under which theory?
      1. Direct corporate liability.
      2. Fiduciary duty.
      3. Ostensible agency.
      4. Respondeat superior.

    Answer: d.

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