Legal Nurse Consultant Programs Explained

What You Need To Get Certified as a Legal Nurse Consultant

An RN interested in becoming a legal nurse consultant must have an active RN license and legal nurse consultant training. It is recommended that an RN avoid a modified paralegal program with a few legal nurse consulting classes added in. A BSN is not required. See 4 CLNC® Certification Systems below for a detailed description of the four legal nurse consultant programs offered by Vickie Milazzo Institute.

An important recommendation for choosing a legal nurse consultant program is to choose a program offered by an accredited provider of continuing nursing education through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Vickie Milazzo Institute is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

The Institute’s legal nurse consultant programs are the only complete and relevant programs with the knowledge and wisdom from the experts that I can’t get elsewhere.

Kathy Figueira

4 CLNC® Certification Systems

Vickie Milazzo Institute offers four options for the RN who wants to study a legal nurse consultant program: BasicExecutive, VIP and VIP Pro CLNC Certification Systems.

Basic CLNC Certification System

  1. CLNC Online Video Certification Program

    The CLNC Online Video Certification Program includes 40 hours of video, so you’ll feel like you’re in a live classroom with Vickie Milazzo. You can take the program on your computer, tablet or phone. Best of all, you study at your own pace, 24/7 at whatever time works best for you. We know that registered nurses are all over the map with shifts, family, travel, etc. That’s why we’ve made it as simple as possible – study when you choose.

    To accomplish this in just 40 hours, we only teach you what is relevant to your role as a CLNC consultant. You have busy lives and we respect that fact.You already bring your nursing experience to the legal nurse consultant program. We teach you how to take your experience and translate that into what attorneys need to win cases (whether plaintiff or defense). We won’t bog you down with unrelated topics such as legal research and writing that you’ll never be required to do as a legal nurse.

    Each online video module includes review questions you complete after the module. These review questions help prepare you for the CLNC Certification Examination. The review questions also help to ensure you’re absorbing the content and give you immediate feedback on the areas you’re mastering (or may need to review again).

  2. Core Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting® Textbook

    The Core Curriculum is the first and most complete course of study for legal nurse consultants. There are 17 Modules which compose the body of knowledge you must master to practice in the legal nurse consulting industry:

    • The Role of the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant
    • The Litigation Process
    • Theories of Liability and Defenses Used in Medical-Related Cases
    • Anatomy of Personal Injury, Products Liability, Toxic Tort and Workers’ Compensation Cases
    • How to Screen Medical-Related Cases Effectively and Efficiently
    • Comprehensive Case Evaluation Strategies and Report Writing Techniques
    • How to Research Medical-Related Cases
    • Standards of Care
    • Helping Attorneys with Discovery
    • Helping Attorneys Develop Demonstrative Evidence
    • The Role of the Nurse as a Testifying Expert
    • Locating and Working with Testifying Experts
    • How to Formulate and Negotiate Contracts
    • Legal and Ethical Issues
    • Developing a Marketing Strategy
    • Successful Interview Strategies
    • Business Development Principles

    As you can see from the modules listed above, the CLNC Certification Program focuses on two assets critical to your success as a CLNC Consultant: the ability to analyze cases and the ability to manage a legal nurse business.

  3. CLNC Certification Exam

    When you finish the CLNC Online Video Certification Program and all of the review questions, you’ll be fully prepared to take the CLNC Certification Examination. Just like the course, the CLNC Certification Examination is fully accessible through your computer, tablet or phone. Best of all, you schedule the time and date you want to take it. This means you can take it at your convenience and when you feel most prepared.

    Once you’re certified, you’re eligible to use the CLNC Certification Mark. The CLNC Certification Mark is a registered certification mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and owned solely by Vickie Milazzo Institute. When you pass your CLNC Certification Examination, you become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and may use the CLNC Certification Mark. Registered nurses who have not achieved certification through the Institute or whose certification has expired or has been revoked are not authorized to use the CLNC Certification Mark or the title Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. This is a mark of quality, widely recognized by attorneys nationwide.

  4. CLNC Marketing Center

    The CLNC Marketing Center makes marketing your legal nurse consulting business easier than ever. You can launch your business immediately with brochures, business cards, personalized stationary and more – all designed by professional writers and graphic designers. This is the most cost-effective way to obtain professional marketing materials custom designed for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – you can’t do it yourself better or for less. You simply select the design, then brand and customize the promotional pieces with your business information and you’re ready to go! The CLNC Marketing Center also includes:

    • Promotional items for attorney-prospects (and favorite attorney-clients). These include calendars, sticky notes, coffee (or healthy green tea) mugs and much, much more.
    • CLNC Exhibiting banners to help you stand out when you exhibit at legal conferences.
    • CLNC Wear which is an inexpensive way to get strangers to ask and talk about what you do as a CLNC consultant. You’ll find t-shirts, hoodies, hats, polos and more. Outfit your children and family and you’ll never want for a Christmas or birthday gift again!
  5. Free Mentoring

    Vickie Milazzo Institute wants you to succeed. The relationship between you and Vickie Milazzo Institute actually intensifies after you obtain your CLNC Certification. For one year from the date of your CLNC Certification you qualify for mentoring from some of the most successful, full-time practicing CLNC consultants and Vickie Milazzo herself. You receive real-life (not theoretical) advice from legal nurse consultants who’ve been there and done it. The CLNC mentors help you avoid the mistakes we’ve all made and mentoring ensures that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each attorney or new legal nurse consultant job. We also help keep you on track and make you accountable to your own success.

    Based on the CLNC Certification System you purchase you’ll receive the following mentoring benefits:

    • Basic CLNC Certification System – One mentoring request/month for one year from date of CLNC Certification.
    • Executive CLNC Certification System – Two mentoring requests/month for one year from date of CLNC Certification.
    • VIP CLNC Certification System – Unlimited mentoring for one year from date of CLNC Certification.
    • VIP Pro CLNC Certification System – Unlimited Priority mentoring for as long as you remain certified.

    The mentoring from the CLNC Mentors and me is everyone’s favorite benefit and the feature in all CLNC Certification Systems that will help you the most in your CLNC business.

  6. Live (Zoom) Group Mentoring with Vickie and the CLNC Mentors

    Plus Networking Sessions with Your CLNC Peers

    You’ll be invited to join a LIVE (Zoom) group mentoring session monthly with Vickie and the CLNC Mentors to get all of your legal nurse consulting questions answered. You’ll also benefit from the questions of your CLNC peers. No question goes unanswered and you can be sure there will be some you haven’t thought of yet!

    These group mentoring sessions will also include interactive role playing where you can apply the principles you’ve learned in the CLNC Certification Program to real-life experiences. And, as an additional benefit, you’ll be able to introduce yourself to, and network with, your CLNC peers for subcontracting, locating experts, support and more.

    There’s nothing more powerful than a group of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants all in the same room together. These group mentoring sessions are your opportunity to get social with your CLNC® peers as you gain insider information and discover new insights to advance your CLNC business.

  7. Listing in the NACLNC® Online Directory

    As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant you’ll receive a free listing in the NACLNC Online Directory which is accessible to more than 1.8 million attorneys nationwide 24/7. As the largest directory of legal nurse consultants, attorneys find you by location or nursing specialty, then call or email you instantly and privately. You can also access thousands of other CLNC consultants, searchable by state or nursing specialty.

  8. NACLNC Association Membership Benefits

    As a CLNC consultant you’ll automatically become a member of the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (NACLNC), the first and largest legal nurse consultant association with thousands of members across the United States. This gives you instant access to a network of thousands of professional CLNC consultants for subcontracting or locating and hiring expert witnesses.

    You’ll also have exclusive access to:

    • Advanced Educational Webinars to stay up-to-date on the latest in legal nurse consulting.
    • Attorney Interview Questions which will help you prepare to interview with poise and confidence.
    • The NACLNC Association Membership Seal which gives you instant recognition to attorneys and communicates that you are credible. All NACLNC members can use the downloadable NACLNC member seal for their email signatures and websites. The NACLNC membership seal signifies that you have completed training and certification as a legal nurse consultant and are a member in good standing with the NACLNC association.
    • Business Forms and Templates developed specifically for NACLNC members. They will save you hours and headaches by guiding you through the case review process. These printable forms include: screening forms for medical-malpractice and other types of cases, report templates to ease report writing, chronological timelines, invoicing templates and more!

Executive CLNC Certification System

The Executive CLNC Certification System contains everything included in the Basic CLNC Certification System and mentoring twice a month for one year from date of CLNC Certification, PLUS:

  1. NACLNC Online Video Apprenticeship

    With the NACLNC Online Video Apprenticeship you focus on the two issues most beginners struggle with – report writing and marketing.

    In the Report Writing Apprenticeship you’ll master report writing and write sample reports to show attorney-prospects. One of the best ways to start an interview with an attorney is “Let me show you what I can do for you.” Showing is always better than telling.

    In the Marketing Apprenticeship you’ll develop your 90-day marketing plan with nine vital marketing strategies. Every successful legal nurse consultant starts with one attorney and one case. To get your first case, you have to market. That’s why the Marketing Apprenticeship is so valuable. You’ll develop your unique selling position (USP), which will distinguish you in the mind of the attorney-prospect. And since you’ll be marketing to a variety of attorneys you’ll also learn how to customize your USP for different types of attorneys.In the Marketing Apprenticeship you’ll also create:

    • An elevator speech, which is a brief statement you’ll use to spark interest in what you do as a legal nurse consultant.
    • Letters of Introduction – you learn how to develop a compelling introduction designed to catch the attorney’s attention.

    By developing a 90-day marketing plan and mastering the principles of positioning yourself with attorneys you’ll quickly be on your way to CLNC success.

  2. COVID-19 Lawsuits

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed not just the world, but also litigation forever. It’s obvious that the future will bring myriad COVID-19 related lawsuits. Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are pivotal to attorneys understanding the complexities of COVID-19, its transmission, pathophysiology, standards of care, long term complications and much more.

    As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant you are ideally placed to position yourself for this new and emerging litigation, all of which could conceivably last for a decade or more. In the course COVID-19 Lawsuits you’ll learn the types of COVID-19 lawsuits, possible allegations and defenses, the CLNC consultant’s role, the specific CLNC services you can provide as well as the factors that will affect COVID-19 litigation. Plus, you’ll learn how to locate and strategically market to the attorneys handling COVID-19 cases so that you can be a vital part of this new and emerging field.

VIP CLNC Certification System

The VIP CLNC Certification System is our most comprehensive. It contains everything in the Basic and Executive CLNC Certification Systems and unlimited mentoring for one year from the date of CLNC Certification (Yes, we really mean UNLIMITED!), PLUS:

  1. 71 Advanced CLNC Practice-Building Programs

    The Advanced CLNC Practice-Building Programs include 71 advanced sessions on different types of legal nurse consulting cases and specialty practices. This library of 71 audio recordings and accompanying texts cover just about every possible legal nurse consulting topic. You’ll learn time-tested strategies used by other Certified Legal Nurse Consultants that you can adapt for your own legal nurse consulting business.

  2. 79 Medical-Related Case Reports

    Study these 79 reports like you would the Core Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting textbook. They’re all actual reports from real cases submitted to attorneys. You’ll accelerate your learning process for writing reports by understanding how successful CLNC consultants analyze and process issues, and communicate with attorneys.

  3. 11 Contracts for Your CLNC Business

    The CLNC Business Contracts are downloadable draft contracts that will to save you thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees. You can put these to work immediately in your CLNC business. You’ll receive 11 customizable contracts templates and a comprehensive textbook on contracts to help explain the nuances. These will help you present yourself professionally with your attorney-clients.

  4. New CLNC Products Delivered Annually

    Current Resources for Your CLNC Business

    Exclusive FREE online access to the most up-to-date case reports, Advanced CLNC Practice-Building Programs and new CLNC products – all provided to you FREE because we promise to keep you on the cutting-edge of the legal nurse consulting industry.

VIP Pro CLNC Certification System

Exclusively for VIP Pros, we market your CLNC business with you and for you. The VIP Pro CLNC Certification System contains everything in the Basic, Executive and VIP CLNC Success Systems and FREE unlimited priority mentoring as long as you remain certified (Yes, we really mean UNLIMITED!), PLUS:

  1. Attorney Interview Tool and Virtual Workshop

    You’ve heard the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” But now you do! With Vickie Milazzo Institute’s exclusive Attorney Interview Course Tool and Virtual Workshop you get to practice that first impression over and over again until you get it right. We take the fear out of interviewing with attorneys. The Institute’s Attorney Interview Tool allows you to role play interviews and immediately see and assess your performance to make the adjustments necessary to perfect your best presentation. Available 24/7 you can practice when you want and as many times as you want.

    Plus, as long as you’re CLNC® certified, you are invited to the Institute’s LIVE Zoom Interview Workshops with Vickie. Attend as many as you want. This is your chance to go face-to-face in a practice interview with Vickie. These workshops will get you ready for your first, second and every other interview you’ll have with prospective attorney-clients.

    As an RN you know that practice and demonstration are the keys to mastering anything. After participation with the Attorney Interview Tool and Virtual Workshops you’ll be ready for any attorney that crosses your path.

  2. Exhibiting at a Legal Conference with a CLNC Mentor

    An Institute Marketing Mentor coaches you in person at a legal conference so you can capitalize on this instant selling platform where attorneys eager to do business come to you. Get hired on the spot!

  3. Color Ad in a Leading National Publication for Trial Attorneys

    Benefit from massive advertising exposure and the Institute’s 38 years of unparalleled reputation among attorneys. Your name, credentials, specialty and contact information will appear (professional headshot optional). Upon publication you will receive a 1/6 page print-ready advertisement to use in your own marketing materials.

  4. 2 Years of Online Advertising to Attorneys

    Drive more traffic to your NACLNC Online Directory listing with a priority position. Be one of the top 3 CLNC consultants an attorney sees in your specialty and/or geographic location.

    PLUS 5 Upgrades Optimize Your Listing with Attention-Grabbing Power

    Easy to set up in minutes, these 5 listing upgrades make you stand out:

    • Description of Your CLNC Business
    • Resume
    • Link to Your Website
    • Boldface Listing
    • Photo Feature

This explains the different resources in each of the Institute’s CLNC Certification Systems. Now that you have the facts, you can make a decision about which route you will take when choosing a legal nurse consultant program.

Read this Special Report Before You Choose

This report addresses the facts any nurse should consider when choosing a legal nurse consultant program and certification. The NACLNC Association compiled this data from successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who are members of the NACLNC Association to help you assess the most credible legal nurse consultant program and certification.

Special Comparison Report on Legal Nurse Consultant Programs Prepared by the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (NACLNC®)

Vickie Milazzo Institute CLNC® Certification Program

Other Programs

Taught by the Pioneer of Legal Nurse ConsultingMarginally Qualified Teachers
  • Vickie L. Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD founded the Institute in 1982 and is credited by The New York Times with pioneering the legal nurse consulting profession.
  • Vickie is the author of the national bestsellers: Core Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting textbook, the CLNC Certification Systems and the NACLNC Apprenticeships, as well as The New York Times bestseller Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman.
  • Vickie has both a masters degree in nursing with a concentration in education and a law degree.
  • Vickie personally teaches the CLNC Online Video Certification Program ensuring the quality of the legal nurse consultant program.
  • Lack the relevant credentials and experience in nursing, legal nurse consulting, education or business for teaching legal nurse consultant programs.
  • Teach erroneous, incomplete or derivative information.
The First and Most Credible National CertificationLow-Quality Imitation
  • Legal nurse consultant programs developed and implemented by the nation’s oldest and largest legal nurse consulting training institute.
  • First national certification for legal nurse consultants and most recognized by attorneys nationwide.
  • Official certification of the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (NACLNC).
  • Backed by the most comprehensive legal nurse consulting curriculum with more graduates than any other program.
  • CLNC® is trademarked by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Frequently a low-quality attempt to imitate the program developed by Vickie L. Milazzo.
  • Not known or recognized by attorneys.
  • Offers dubious credentials with excessive disclaimers.
The Proven Expert for 38 YearsLack Pioneer’s Expertise
  • The Institute’s Certification and legal nurse consultant programs are based on the pioneer’s 38 years of legal nurse consulting experience and mentoring of thousands of successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants.
  • The Institute and its team of experts are guaranteed to be here for you as long as you need us.
  • Taught by people with no proven track record or little or no legal nurse consulting experience.
  • Lack the staff and intrastructure of a successful business – usually operated by one or two people.
FREE Mentoring from Vickie and Certified Legal Nurse ConsultantsNo Free Mentoring
  • FREE mentoring for one year from the date of CLNC Certification.
  • Inc. Top 10 Entrepreneur Vickie L. Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD received the Stevie® Award (business’s Oscar®) for Mentor of the Year.
  • Personally trained by Vickie, the Institute’s CLNC Mentors are full-time practicing Certified Legal Nurse Consultants.
  • No mentoring during or after the program. You are left on your own to figure out what to do.
  • Mentoring by people who lack the applicable credentials and experience.
  • Offers mentoring for a fee.
30-Day 100% Risk-Free GuaranteeLimited or No Guarantee
  • Full refund for all legal nurse consultant programs – Click here for terms of guarantee.
  • May require you to sign a contract or buy insurance, thereby limiting your refund options.
24/7 Marketing of Your CLNC Business by the InstituteNo Marketing of Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business
  • FREE listing as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant in a national online directory for attorneys.
  • Attorneys have never heard of and don’t trust these smaller programs.
FREE NACLNC Association Membership
  • Unlimited networking with thousands of CLNC consultants in the largest legal nurse consulting association, the NACLNC Association.
  • Access to the Internet’s preeminent legal nurse consulting resource – the NACLNC Association (for CLNC consultants only).
The Most Documented Successful GraduatesScant Evidence of Success
  • Little or no evidence of successful students.
  • Many students have discovered the difference and quit other programs to join the Institute’s program.
Business Training by an Inc. Top 10 EntrepreneurLack Business Expertise
  • Proven turn-key business system developed by a New York Times bestselling author, Inc. Top 10 Entrepreneur and the pioneer of legal nurse consulting for 38 years.
  • Vickie Milazzo Institute is an Inc. Top 50 Education Company.
  • Insufficient proof of actual business success.
  • Misrepresents the number of years practicing as a legal nurse consultant by including their RN experience.
The Most Cost-Effective TrainingLittle Value for Your Money
  • We know your time is your most valuable asset. You can complete the CLNC Online Video Certification Program in just 40 hours Online.
  • You’ll use everything you learn. We do not waste your time on legal or paralegal topics you will never use.
  • Take months to years to finish due to irrelevant paralegal or legal topics such as legal research, procedures, estates, etc.
  • Limited value for the price.
The Leader in Legal Nurse Consulting Research DevelopmentNo Research
  • From the first legal nurse consultant program to advanced products for CLNC professionals, the Institute is the proven leader in legal nurse consulting education and certification.
  • The Institute’s programs and products are original and are developed by Vickie Milazzo Institute through decades of real-world experience and research with attorneys and full-time practicing CLNC consultants.
  • Does not specialize in legal nurse consulting.
  • Limited in financial assets, experience and education to conduct necessary research and development.

The Official Certification of the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

The CLNC Certification Program is the most sought after legal nurse consulting program thanks to the many satisfied and successful CLNC graduates. Compare the differences. Look carefully at what you’re getting for your money before, during and after the program. Be cautious; cheap training by unqualified people isn’t cheap at all. Consider the qualifications and credentials of the trainer and the support you will receive when you need it the most – after you complete your training and are ready to start your CLNC career.

“Your success is our commitment.”

Vickie L. Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD
The Pioneer of Legal Nurse Consulting

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