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Vickie’s Program Laid the Groundwork for My Successful CLNC® Business*

by Ida Gaskill, RN, MSN, CLNC

I enrolled in Vickie’s CLNC® Certification Seminar and left ready to get started in my new business venture as a legal nurse consultant. I set specific goals and a specific time frame in which to get my marketing packet together so I could start advancing to my fullest potential.

I now have 14 attorneys with whom I regularly do business.

I did the thing most people hate to do – I began the dreaded task of “cold calling.” Cold calling for me meant opening the phone book and calling attorneys within a 100-mile radius of where I lived. In the beginning, I talked to secretaries, some paralegals and, every once in a while, the attorney. I politely asked if I could send an information packet about my CLNC services. Then I placed a follow-up call about ten days later. At this point I would often get to speak to the attorney directly. To organize myself I kept track of each call on index cards, a method I highly recommend. I simply would write down when I sent the packet and other helpful notes. It has really paid off for me. I now have 14 attorneys with whom I regularly do business. I routinely follow up with each attorney.

Another marketing tool that has been most useful in getting cases is a quarterly information newsletter. To add a personal touch, I write a note to selected attorneys directly on the newsletter. One newsletter had a questionnaire the attorney could fill out and fax back. I received a good response from the questionnaire and picked up a new client.

Vickie’s CLNC Certification Seminar laid the groundwork for me to start my business and be able to succeed. Vickie teaches you everything you need to begin a successful consulting practice. I even purchased the CLNC Certification Program  to have as a reference guide, and I’m glad I did because I use it frequently when working on cases.

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