CLNC® Success Stories

Vickie’s CLNC® Certification Gives Hope and Confidence*

by Heidi Santiago, RN, CLNC

So many of the seminars that I have been to as a nurse have not lived up to what they say. Vickie’s  CLNC® Certification Seminar certainly proved to be different for me.

I drove home from the seminar to my son’s football game that night and immediately applied Vickie’s 3-foot rule.

Vickie’s program taught me how to succeed in a business that has already started to provide an exceptional living for me and my family.

I started talking to the gentleman next to me whose son was also in the game. When I mentioned that I just returned home from a seminar, he asked, “What kind of seminar?” I replied, “Legal nurse consulting.” We began to talk. He said he was a medical malpractice attorney from a large firm and that he had a case he wanted me to review. He also said he had heard about Vickie and the Institute.

That same weekend at a wine and cheese party, my brother introduced me to a personal injury attorney. When I asked him to get me into his firm to meet the other attorneys, he said, “Sure.” I networked just like Vickie taught us, and in only one weekend I got one case and an introduction that will put me in touch with other potential attorney-clients.

The most beneficial part of Vickie’s CLNC Certification Seminar was the amount of confidence that she imparted to us all. Now I can walk into any attorney’s office with the confidence of success, knowing legal terminology, knowing the services I can provide and knowing that attorneys will pay for my nursing knowledge and experience.

I walked away from Vickie’s CLNC Certification Seminar with hope. Vickie taught us to never devalue our nursing knowledge but to put a top-dollar price on it. I thought I was crazy to start my own business now, at age 40 with 12 years in home health nursing. I’ve tried so many home-based businesses from network marketing to mail order, that never ever panned out. Vickie’s program taught me how to succeed in a business that has already started to provide an exceptional living for me and my family.

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