CLNC® Success Stories

My Legal Nurse Consulting Success Is Written in the Stars*

by Pam McDonald, RN, CLNC

I attended Vickie’s CLNC® Certification Seminar  with the clear intention of leaving hospital nursing and becoming a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. My consulting practice already had a name, Aurora Consulting Services, for the aurora borealis. I can view the northern lights in my small, rural town as if I’m in a planetarium. I’ve always loved the night sky.

The moment Vickie stepped onto the stage at the CLNC Certification Seminar, she was a complete dynamo.

All my experience as a nurse was now paying off at $125/hour.

Vickie gave us the power to believe in ourselves, our nursing skills and experience, and our ability to become as successful as we want to be. Vickie and the Institute have motivated me to get out of the hospital and own my own business. No more working holidays and night shifts for me.

My dream is already taking form. Although the small, tight-knit group of attorneys in my town don’t litigate many medical cases, I started marketing to them. One attorney gave me a list of all the trial lawyers in Michigan. In addition to sending the usual resume and cover letter, I added that I specialize in OB. I also announced that I could present an in-service on fetal monitoring strips and would call in two weeks to ask how many would attend the presentation.

One law firm consistently advertises in the small, local newspapers in my area. As it turns out, this attorney spends his summer vacation in my small town and has three other offices nearby. He grew up here, and we know many of the same people.

More important, he had a case for me to review. I went to see him, told him my fee and asked him to sign a contract. I walked out with a signed contract, $1,000.00 retainer and the medical records. I was thrilled, excited and terrified all at once. I called the Institute, and my CLNC Mentor guided me through my first case successfully.

Since then this attorney has given me two more cases. He told me he was pleased with my work and that I picked up things the MD missed, which really heightened my confidence. All my experience as a nurse was now paying off at $125/hour. I’ve worked on three cases for 19 hours and made $2,375.

My marketing efforts continue, and I have subscribed to our weekly lawyers’ news publication which announces all the local and state meetings and conventions. This small publication has opened up a whole new world of marketing opportunities for me.

It is thrilling and exciting to work with attorneys who seek and truly value my professional opinions as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. I’ll meet my goal of leaving the hospital, and I will look out at the northern lights and realize that I made my dream come true with my hard work and the help of Vickie Milazzo and the Institute.

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