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Ten months after starting my CLNC® business, I have worked with 19 attorneys on 40 different cases and am really enjoying my new career.

Major Surgery and Only 10 Months Later I Have 19 Attorney-Clients

by Kitti Craycroft, RN, BSN, CLNC

After I finished LegalNurse.com’s CLNC® Certification Program, I had major surgery and was confined to bed for five weeks. I immediately purchased the advanced resources and voraciously studied everything. It was great therapy and took my mind off my surgery.

Once I was better, I sent out my marketing materials. My packet went out on Monday and I received a call from an attorney that same Wednesday. On the day my marketing packet arrived, the attorney had a psychiatric case on his desk, and he didn’t understand the medical records.

Even with the delay of my surgery, I was able to start my business within four months of finishing the CLNC Certification Program. Ten months after starting my CLNC business, I have worked with 19 attorneys on 40 different cases and am really enjoying my new career.

I give a hearty thumbs up to the Institute. I could not have made the career change without the program. One thing that sets the CLNC Certification Program apart from all the others is that in addition to preparing you to do the work, they put a great emphasis on marketing your business. They cover a huge amount of information in a well-organized manner. I have also found the Institute to be very supportive and helpful whenever I request mentoring. Without the program and all the marketing instructions, I would not have a business.

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