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Where will I find the time to start my business? Little did I know, the business would present itself. Propelled Me Past Self-Doubt to CLNC® Success

by Kathy Silay, RN, CLNC

Self-doubt was my biggest obstacle to achieving my dream as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. I kept’s brochure on my desk for many years. Periodically, I would take it out and read it again and again. After envisioning what my life could be once I became a CLNC® consultant, self-doubt would set in and I would question my dream. “Where would I find an attorney who believes I could help?” At that time I thought attorneys were about the most intimidating breed of professional alive – ranking just above surgeons. I also wondered, “How would I obtain the money to pursue my dream?” I had two small children and worked two jobs. I had many self-doubts. “Where will I find the time to start my business?” Little did I know, the business would present itself.

My husband and I were redoing our wills and met with our attorney to sign the long-overdue updated versions. Prior to our appointment, I kept encouraging my husband to bring some business cards and network with the attorney. Why didn’t I consider the same option for myself? I actually ruled out the possibility because I thought this type of attorney couldn’t use my CLNC services. His clients were formulating their wills. How could I possibly assist him? Was I ever wrong.

During our meeting, I rehearsed my elevator speech and thought, “Should I? Shouldn’t I? Yes! No! Yes!” Once our business was concluded, I asked the attorney if he might ever need the services of a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. I braced myself for rejection.

He immediately became flustered (I later learned he was actually excited), walked out and returned with a stack of records. Mentioning an upcoming deadline, he asked if I could help him. Once the shock wore off, I calmly answered, “Would you like a verbal or written report?”

All through the first case I heard the Institute’s words of encouragement in the back of my mind. When I turned my report over to the attorney, he was really impressed. He asked if he could write a check right then and left the room.

The next thing I heard was a lot of banging and muttering. I thought to myself, “Where does he keep his checkbook?” In actuality, the banging and muttering was him trying to locate all the records for the next case he wanted me to work on.

Thank you, and thank you to all the Institute’s wonderful CLNC Mentors.

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